Dissertations and Job Placements, 1954-2017


Ph.D. Date

Title of Dissertation


Susanna Klosko


The Infirm, the Unfortunate, and the Aged:  "Likely Public Charges," Immigration Control, and the Yishuv in Theory and Practice

James Moore


"I am Unable to Do my Job:"  Literary Depictions of the Scribal Profession in the Story of Ahiqar and Jeremiah 36

Postdoctoral Researcher, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and the Ägyptisches Museum und Papyrussammlung of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Aviv Ben-Or


The Possibilities of an Arab-Jewish Poetics:  A Study of the Arabic and Hebrew Fiction of Shimon Ballas and Sami Michael

Jeremy Morrison


Renovating a Deity:  The Formation of Biblical Craftsmanship Metaphors and the Artisanal God-Talk of Deutero-Isaiah

Rabbi, Temple Israel of Boston

Jason Olson


The Impact of the Six-Day War on Jewish-Protestant Relations

Naval officer, Ethics Adviser/Religious affairs for the US Navy in Japan

Lucia Finotto


Between Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin:  Jewish Translators of Islamic Sciences in the Medieval Kingdom of Sicily

Joshua Cypess


Jewish Medical Culture: Case Studies in End-of-Life Decision Making

Community Consultant, NYC

Allyson Celeste Gonzalez 2015 Finding a Place for the Past: Sephardic Reconfigurations of Spain and Palestine, 1914-1968 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Religion, Florida State University
Daniel Judson 2015 Pennies from Heaven: The History of American Synagogues and Money Director of Professional Development and Placement, Rabbinical School; Hebrew College, Newton, MA
Malka Zeiger Simkovich 2015 "Let All Life Be in Common:" Jewish Universalism from the Hebrew Bible through the Second Temple Period Visting Professor of Jewish Studies; Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

Brown-deVost, Bronson Slade

2015 Commentary and Authority in Mesopotamia and Qumran Qumran-Lexicon-project at the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Germany
Eleff, Zev 2015 Power, Pulpits and Pews: Religious Authority and the Formation of American Judaism, 1816-1885 Chief Academic Officer, Hebrew Theological College; Asst. Professor of Jewish History, Touro College
Sigalow, Emily Paige 2015 The JUBUs: The Encounter between Judaism and Buddhism in America Perilman Postdoctoral Fellow in Jewish Studies; Duke University
Civcik, Zeynep 2015 Civil-Military Relations in Israel and Turkey:  A Comparative Study on Military Interventions Visiting Scholar; Berkeley Institute for Jewish Law and Israel Studies
Herzog, Alexandra 2014 Erotic Underworlds: Gender and Sexuality in the Work of Isaac Bashevis Singer Postdoctoral Fellow, Jewish Studies, Elie Wiesel Center, Boston University
Rice, Monika 2014 What!  Still Alive? First Encounters of Jewish Survivors with their Former Polish Neighbors in Postwar Accounts Adjunct Professor of Catholic Studies and Jewish-Christian Studies; Seton Hall University, New Jersey
Fleisch, Eric 2014 Israeli NGOs and American Jewish Donors: The Structures and Dynamics of Power Sharing in a New Philanthropic Era

Visiting Assistant Professor,
International Relations and Jewish Studies; Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA

Muraoka, Mina 2014 Jews & The Russo-Japanese War: The Triangular Relationship between Jewish POWs, Japan, and Jacob H. Schiff National Defense Academy of Japan
Rabineau, Shay 2013 Mapping The Nation: Simun Shvilim and the Creation of Isarel's Hiking Trail Network

Associate Director, Center for Israel Studies; Assistant Professor of Israel Studies, Binghamton University

Ish-Shalom, Zvi 2013 Radical Death: The Paradoxical Unity of Body, Soul and the Cosmos in Lurianic Kabbalah Associate Professor; Naropa University
Fish, Rachel L. 2013 Figuring Bi-Nationalism: The Transformation of Bi-nationalism in Palestine/Israel 1920s to Present Associate Director of the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, Brandeis University
Gaines, Jason M. H. 2013 Poetic Features in Priestly Narrative Texts Visiting Lecturer, College of the Holy Cross; Professor, Fairfield University
Astashkevich, Irina 2013 The Pogroms in Ukraine in 1917-1920: An Alternate Universe
Labaton, Ezra 2012 A Comprehensive Analysis of Rabenu Abraham Maimuni's Biblical Commentary deceased
Bokovoy, David E. 2012 Yahweh as Sexual Deity in J's Prehistory Online Professor in Bible and Jewish Studies; Utah State University 
Skolnick-Einhorn, Deborah 2012 Power of the Purse:  Social Change in Jewish Women's Philanthropy Associate Dean for Academic Development and Advising, Shoolman Graduate School of Jewish Education; Assistant Professor of Jewish Education, Hebrew College
Ringel, Joseph 2011 The Sephardic Rabbinate, Sephardic Yeshivot, and the Shas Educational System Fullbright Scholar, University of Haifa
Lewental, D. Gershon 2011 Qadisiyyah, then and now:  A case study of history and memory, religious, and national in Middle Eastern discourse Schusterman Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma
Geller, Randy 2011 Non-Jewish Minorities and the Question of Military Service in the Israel Defense Forces, 1948-1958 Research Fellow in Israel Studies; Lecturer in Hornstein Program, Brandeis University 
Getz, James R., Jr. 2011 Limited Engagement with the Divine: Rites of Temporary Cultic Transition in Ugaritic and Biblical Texts Lecturer in Intellectual Heritage, Temple University 
Shchedrin, Vassili 2010 Jewish Bureaucracy in Late Imperial Russia: The Phenomenon of Expert Jews, 1850-1917 Alfred and Isabel Postdoctoral Fellow, Queens University 
Levi, Tomer 2010 The Shaping of a Levantine Community:  The Jews of Beirut, 1860-1939 Director of the Brandeis University/Middlebury College Program in Israel
Zsolnay, Ilona 2009 The Function of Istar in the Assyrian Royal Inscriptions: A Contextual Analysis of the Actions Attributed to Istar in the Inscriptions of  Ititi through Salmaneser III Mellon Fellow
Cuneiform Digital Library Project, University of Pennsylvania
Auerbach, Karen 2009 A Window on Postwar Warsaw:  The Jewish Families of 16 Ujazdowskie Avenue Assistant Professor; Stuart E. Eizenstat Fellow, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Dunagan, Curt 2009 The Lost World of Przemysl: Interethnic dynamics in a Galician center, 1868-1921 Research and Academic Administrator, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Mazur, Jerzy 2009 Border Jews: Jewish Life on the Medieval Frontier of Europe Legal Negotiator--Financial Documentation, Axiom; Krakow, Poland
Cohen, Michael   2008 From Seminary Men to Conservative Rabbis: JTS Graduates, their Congregations, and the Emergence of Conservative Judaism in America Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Tulane University, New Orleans
Cousens, Beth  2008 Shifting Social Networks:  Studying the Jewish Growth of Adults in their Twenties and Thirties Associate Vice President, Jewish Education and Engagement at the Jewish Federation of North America
Daccarett, Paula 2008 Jewish Community Services in Late Ottoman Salonica (1850 - 1912) Spanish Teacher and Menor, Fusion Academy
Golden, Jonathan  2008 From Cooperation to Confrontation: The Rise and Fall of the Synagogue Council of America Senior Professional Development Advisor and Hisory Teacher, Gann Academy
Kent, Batya Orit  2008 Interactive Text Study and the Co-Construction of Meaning: Hevruta in the DeLet Beit Midrash Mandel Center for Jewish Education, Brandeis University
Khiterer, Victoria  2008 The Social and Economic History of Jews in Kiev before February 1917 Associate Professor of History; Millersville University, PA
Mendelsohn, Adam  2008 Tongue Ties: Religion, Commerce and Culture in the making of the Anglophone Diaspora, 1840-1870 Associate Professor of Historical Studies and Director of the Isaac and Jessie Kaplan Center for Jewish Studies and Research, The University of Capetown
Phillips, Benjamin 2007 Redefining Jewish Survey Research: A Prospective Study of Research Methods Vice President, Abt SRBI; Social Researcher, Greater Boston Area
Shectman, Sarah 2007 Women as Looking-Glasses: Reflections in the Pentateuchal Sources  Managing Editor, Jewish Social Studies: History, Culture, Society; San Francisco Bay Area
Wilson, Stephanie Gerber 2007 Cultural Citadel: The Creation of Jerusalem’s Tower of David Museum Entrepreneur specializing in strategic communications and marketing
Traum-Buchris, Riki 2007 "Bad Snow-Whites" Israeli Women's Poetry of the 1960's:  The Poetics of Dalia Hertz, Yona Wallach, and Rina Shani Adjunct Faculty, Fairleigh Dickinson University
Leonard, Jeffery 2006 Historical Traditions in Psalm 78 Assistant Professor, Religion; Howard College of Arts and Sciences, Samford University
Stackert, Jeff 2006 A Comparative Study of Deuteronomy and the Holiness of Legislation Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible; University of Chicago Divinity School
Tanchel, Susan 2006 Honoring Voices: Listening to the Texts and the Teachers, the Scholars and the Students Head of School, Jewish Community Day School of Greater Boston
Lenzi, Alan 2006 The 'Secret of the Gods' and Society: Studies in the Origins, Guarding, and Disclosure of Secret Knowledge in Mesopotamia and Israel Associate Professor and Chair of Religious Studies, University of the Pacific; Stockton, CA
Weiss-Wendt, Anton 2005 Murder Without Hatred: Estonians, the Holocaust, and the Problem of Collaboration Chief Historian at the Norwegian Holocaust Center in Oslo, Norway.
Salameh, Franck 2005 The Architect of the Soul of a Nation: Lebanonism in the Poetry and Thought of Sa'id Akl Associate Professor of Slavic and Eastern Language, Boston College
Wyckoff, Chris 2005 Poetic and Editorial Closure in the book of Psalms: A Discourse Analytic Perspective Technical Lead Instructor, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ayturk , Ilker 2005 Language and Nationalism: A Comparative Study of Language Revival and Reform in Hebrew and Turkish Assistant Professor of Political Science at Bilkent University; Ankara, Turkey
Lipka, Hilary 2004 "Such a Thing is Not Done in Israel": The Construction of Sexual Transgression in the Hebrew Bible. Part-time faculty, Religious Studies Program, University of New Mexico
Ament, Jonathon 2004 The Union for Traditional Judaism: A Case Study of Contemporary Challenges to a New Religious Movement. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology; Queens College, NY
Ronell, Anna Petrov 2004 Literary Recreations of the Eastern European Past in Contemporary Jewish Fiction Director of International Relations, MIT Skoltech Initiative, MIT Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies; Harvard University 
Raj, Ferenc 2004 A History of the Jews in Hungary during Ottoman Domination: 1526-1686. Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Beth El, Berkeley, CA

Adler, Eliyana


Private Schools for Jewish Girls in Tsarist Russia

Research Associate and Visiting Assistant Professor,University of Maryland, College Park

Fishbane, Eitan


Contemplative Mysticism and Cultural Transmission in the Writings of Isaac Ben Samuel of Acre

Associate of Jewish Thought; Jewish Theological Seminary, NY

Gesin, Michael


Holocaust: The Reality of Genocide in Southern Ukraine

Associate Professor, History and Political Science; Worcester State University, MA

Joo, Samantha


A Comparative Study of Divine Wrath in Jeremiah and Mesopotamian Texts with Particular Attention to the Destruction of Temple City-States


Woocher, Meredith


Texts in Tension: Negotiating Jewish Values in the Adult Jewish Learning Classroom

Research, Evaluation and Planning Consultant for Jewish and other non-profit communal and educational institutions; Rockville, MD

Bernat, David


Circumcision and 'Orlah in the Priestly Torah

Lecturer, Judaic and Near Eastern Studies; University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Dynner, Glenn


Men of Silk: The Hasidic Conquest of Polish Jewry

Associate Professor, Religion; Sarah Lawrence College

Travis, Yakov


Rabbi Ezra ben Solomon of Gironah's Kabbalistic Exposition on the 613 Commandments

Siegal College

Herman, Felicia


Views of Jews: Antisemitism, Hollywood, and American Jews, 1913-1947

Program Officer at Jewish Life Network/ Steinhardt Foundation NYC

Krasner, Jonathan


Representations of Self and Other in American Jewish Social Studies Textbooks: An Exploration of the Changing Shape of American Jewish Identity

Assistant Professor of American Jewish History Hebrew Union College (tenure track)

Simons, Stephen


Benjamin Wolf Rosoff: Holy Tailor, Prophetic Visionary, Messianic Figure and Patriot

Director of Education at Congregation Mishkan Tefila

Zollman, Joellyn Wallen


Shopping for a Future: A History of the American Synagogue Gift Shop

Lecturer, History Department at San Diego State University

Cherry, Michael Shai


Creation, Evolution, and Jewish Thought

Mellon Asst Prof - Vanderbilt

Most, Andrea


We Know We Belong to the Land: Jews and the American Musical Theater

University of Toronto

Petrovsky, Yohanan


Jews in the Russian Army: Through the Military Towards Modernity (1827-1914)

Northwestern University (tenure-track)

Rabil, Robert


Embattled Neighbors: Israel, Syria and the Elusive Peace

Assistant Professor, Tenure Track, Florida Atlantic U.

Sheramy, Rona


Defining Lessons: The Holocaust in American Jewish Education

AJC, Executive Director

Kamionkowski, Susan T.


A Study of Gender Ambiguity and Subversive Metaphor in Ezekiel 16

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Wyncote, PA

Kaufman, Asher


Reviving Phoenicia: The Search for an Identity in Lebanon

Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Notre Dame (tenure-track)

Korelitz, Seth


Divided Kingdom: American Jewish Ethnicity and Religion in the Nineteenth Century

Jewish High School, Detroit

Peleg, Yaron


Reinterpreting the East: Hebrew Orientalism 1890-1930

George Washington Univ.

Ungar-Sargon, Julian


Imaging / Imagining the Divine in Rabbinic Literature

Private Practice

Kravitz, Kathryn


Divine Trophies of War in Assyria and Ancient Israel: Case Studies in Political Theology


Turkienicz, Rachel


The Mosaic Reading of Midrash


Ben-Ur, Aviva


Where Diasporas Met: Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews in the City of New York

U Mass-Amherst, Department of Judaic and Near Eastern Studies, Assistant Professor.

Du, Xian Ju


China and Israel: Five Decades of Relations

 Marathon Technologies

Freeze, ChaeRan


Making & Unmaking The Jewish Family: Marriage & Divorce of Jews in Imperial Russia, 1850-1914

Brandeis University, Associate Professor

Haus, Jeff


The Practical Dimensions of Ideology: French Judaism, Jewish Education and State in the 19th Century

Univ. of North Carolina, Greensboro

Liekis, Sarunas


Accommodating National Minorities in Lithuania: The case of Jewish Autonomy 1918-1925

Mykolas Romeris University at Vilnius, Lithuania.

Carasik, Michael A.


Israelite Theologies of the Mind

Univ. of Penn.

Green, Sharon


Problem of Love in the Work of Agnon

Univ. of Toronto

Raider, Marc


From the Margins to the Mainstream: Labor Zionism & American Jews 1919-1945

SUNY Albany

Rosenbaum, Michael


Word Order Variation in Isaiah 40-55: A Functional Perspective


Hunt, Joel


The Hymnic Introduction of Selected Suilla Prayers Directed to Ea, Marduk, and Nabu

Fuller Theological Seminary

Cohen, Philip


David Einhorn: Biblical Theology as Response & Reform

Rabbi in Pennsylvania

Kaufman, David


Shul With a Pool: The Synagogue as Center in American Jewish Life

HUC-LA branch (Am. Jew. Hist.)

Magid, Shaul


Hasidism in Transition: The Hasidic Ideology of Rabbi Gershon Henoch of Radzin in Light of Jewish Philosophy & Kabbala

Indiana University

Shiff, Ofer


Survival Through Integration: American Jewish Responses to Anti-Semitism and Zionism

Ben Gurion University

Zank, Michael


Reconciliation of Judaism and the Cultural Consciousness: The Idea of Versohnung in Hermann Cohen's Philosophy of Religion

Boston University

Gopin, Marc


The Religious Ethics of Samuel David Luzzatto

Tufts University

Dickens, Owen


A Study of Poetic Devices in Ugaritic Literature

Asbury College

Klatzkin, Shmuel


Matter & Concreteness: Gersonideson Creation & Knowledge

Assoc. Rabbi, Chabad Ctr. Of Dayton

Milder, Lawrence


Generation, Denominator, & Religious Behavior Among American Jews

Cong. Beth El

Schniedewind, William


Prophets, Prophesy & Inspiration: A Study of Prophesy in the Post-exile period


Wright, James Edward


The Cosmography of the Greek Apocalypse of Baruch and Its Affinities

University of Arizona

Aaron, David


Polemics & Mythology: A Commentary on Chapters 1 & 8 of Bershit Rabba

Hebrew Union College Cmn

Levinson, Bernard


Legal Sequence and Structure in Deut 12-26: Innovation and its Consequences

University of Minnesota

Tananbaum, Susan


The Anglicization of Russian-Jewish Immigrant Women in Lond, 1880-1939


Eisen, Robert


The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt in Gersonides' Commentary on the Torah: A Study in Medieval Philosophical Exegesis

George Washington Univ.

Green, Kenneth


The Return to Maimonides in the Thought of Leo Strauss

University of Toronto

Stapleton, Russel


An Edition of the Book of Daniel & Associated Apocrypha in Manuscript Sinai Arabic 1


Menkis, Richard


The Gradis Family of Eighteenth Century Bordeaux: A Social and Economic Study

Univ. of Br. Columbia

Overland, Paul


Literary Structure in Proverbs 1-9

Pastor Evergreen Free Meth Ch.

Rooker, Mark


Biblical Hebrew in Transition: The Language of the Book Ezekiel

Southeastern Baptist Theo. Sem

Steinlauf, Michael


Polish-Jewish Theater: The Case of Mark Arnshteyn. A Study of the Interplay Among Yiddish, Polish and Polish Language Jewish Culture in the Modern Period


Arkush, Allan


Moses Mendelssohn's Philosophy of Religion

SUNY Binghamton

Nave (Goldberg), Yudit


Biblical Motifs Representing the "Lyrical Self" in the works of Sholem Aleichem, Natan Alterman, Leah Goldberg, Shulamit Hereven, Ariella Deem

Hebrew Inst. Of Boston

Perlman, Lawrence


Heschel's Idea of Revelation Phenomenologically Considered

Rabbi in Montreal

Wolfson, Elliot


Sefer Ha-rimmon: Critical Edition & Introductory Study


Brettler, Marc


God is King: Understanding an Israelite Metaphor

Brandeis University

Cohen, Aryeh


Rereading Talmud: Literary Theory and the Interpretation of Sugyot

University of Judaism

Tenenbaum, Shelly


Immigrants & Capital: Jewish Loan Societies in the U.S.-- 1880-1940


Adelman, Howard


Success & Failure in the 17th Century Ghetto of Venice: The Life & Thought of Leon-Modena 1571-1648


Widbin, Bryan


The East Archives in Le Palais Royal d'Ugarit

Alliance Theol. Sem Nyack

Ginsburg, Alix


Jerusalem Diminished: Aspects of Jerusalem in the Contemporary Hebrew Short Story

Newton Strategic Mktg.

Lockshin, Martin


Meir's Commentry to Genesis: Translation, Notes and Analysis

York Univ. Toronto

Ludlow, Victor


Bernard Felsenthal: Chicago's Premier German Reform Rabbi Zionist

Brigham Young Univ

Owens, Ronald


Prepositional Usage in the Old Syriac Gospels


Waldoks, Moshe


The Formative Years of Hillel Zeitlin (1897-1917)

Rabbi, Brookline, MA

Berkovitz, Jay


French Jewry and the Ideology of Regeneration to 1848

U Mass Amherst

Kutnick, Jerome


Felix Warburg and the Jewish Community, 1929-1937

Gratz College

Melammed, Renee


Women in Spanish Crypto-Judaism, 1492-1520

Schecter Institute, Israel

Raffel, Charles M.


Maimonides Theory of Providence

Stern College

Showstack, Gerald


The Jewishness of Reform Jews: Structural and Cultural Correlates of Ethnicity

UJC Office, Jerusalem

Ariel, David


Shem Tov ibn Shem Tov's Kabbalistic Critique of Jewish Philosophy in the Commentary on the Sefirot: Study and Text

Cleveland College of Jew. Studies

Coleson, Joseph


Yaggim-Addu of Sagaratum: The Correspondence of a District Governor in the Kingdom of Mari

Nazarene Theo. Sem.

Savran, George


Functional & Stylistic Aspects of Quoted Direct Speech in Biblical Narrative

Schecter Institute, Israel

Kaplan, Michael


The Lion Similes in the Hebrew Bible


Mashbaum, Jesse


Gersonides' Commentary on Averroes Paraphrase of the DeAnima of Aristotle


Mostov, Stephen


A Social History of Cincinnati's German Jewish Community, 1840-1875

Minet Prof. Svcs.

Fuchs, Esther


Irony in the Works of S.Y. Agnon

Univ. of Arizona

Jaye, Harold


A Homily of Shenoute's of Atripe on Human Will and the Devil: Translation, Commentary and Literary Analysis

Central Florida Comm Coll.

Kreisel, Howard


Prophecy in Medieval Jewish Philosophy: 1100-1400

Ben Gurion U

Swetschinski, Daniel


The Portugese Jewish Merchants of 17th Century Amsterdam: A Social Profile


Jospe, Raphael


A Study of the Psychology of Shem Tob Falaquera Based on a Critical Text of the Sefer HaNefesh

Open Univ. of Israel

Genn, Mordecai HaLevi


The Influence of Rabbinic Literature on the Poetry of Hayim Nahman Bialik

Bet Halevi Inc.

Goldberg, Hillel


A Study of the Thought of Israel Salanter

Intermountain Jewish News

Matt, Dan


Sefer Mar'ot Ha-Zove'ot by Rabbi David Ben Yehudah He-Hasid: Text and Study

Zohar Translation Project, Jerusalem

Rotstein, Marc D.


Forms of Irony in the Short Stories of S. Yizhar

Concordia University and Bialik High School

Sack, Bracha


The Mystical Theology of Shelomo Alquabes

Ben Gurion University

Collins, Oral


The Stem ZNH and Prostitution in the Hebrew Bible

Berkshire Inst. Christian Studies

Gefter, Irving


Studies in the Use of the Divine name--YHWH Sebaoth and its Variants


Greenspahn, Frederick


Hapax Legomena in Biblical Hebrew: A Study of the Phenomenon and Its Treatment Since Antiquity With Special Reference to Verbal Forms

Florida Atlantic University

Matthews, Victor H.


Pastoral Nomadism in the Mari Kingdom (ca. 1830-1760 B.C.)

Southwest Missouri State Univ.

Rosen, Bruce


Studies in Old Assyrian Loan Contracts


Fine, Lawrence


Techniques of Mystical Meditation for Achieving Prophecy and the Holy Spirit in the Writings of Isaac Luria and Hayyim Vital

Mount Holyoke College

Gal, Allon


Brandeis, Progressivism and Zionism: A Study of the Interactions of Ideas and Social Background

Ben Gurion University

Grad, A. David


Studies in Biblical Uses of the Word 'Dam'

The Donna Klein Jew. Acad.

Kutscher, Carol B.


The Early Years of Hadassah, 1912-1922

Geico Companies

Lasker, Daniel


The Jewish Philosophical Critique of Christianity in the Middle Ages

Ben Gurion University

Lipstadt, Deborah


The Public Career of Louis Lipsky

Emory University

Neustadt-Noy, Isaac


The American Jewish Conference: 1943-1949

Kol-Israel Braodcasting Auth.

Rudavsky, Tamar


The Doctrine of Individuation in Duns Scotus

Ohio State

Segal, David


Ben Tehillim of Shmuel Hanagid and the Book of Psalms: A Study in Esoteric Linkage


Fox, Everett


Technical Aspects of the Translation of Genesis of Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig

Clark Univ.

Ganin, Zvi


The Diplomacy of the Weak, American Zionist Leadership During the Truman Era, 1945-1948

Beit Berl Coll

Green, Arthur


Rabbi Nahman of Bratislav: A Critical Biography

Hebrew College

Kim, Kap Dong


A Study of Some Alliterative and Assonantal Features of the Language of Proverbs


Kraut, Benny


Felix Adler's Emergence Out of Judaism

Univ. of Cincinnati

Luz, Ehud


Religion and Secularism in the Early Zionist Movement

Haifa Univ.

Meyers, Carol L.


The Tabernacle Menorah: A Synthetic Study of a Symbol From the Biblical Cult

Duke univ.

Roskies, David


Ayzik-Meyer Dik and the Rise of Yiddish Popular Literature


Scholnick, Sylvia


The Book of Job as a Lawsuit Drama

Temple Beth El

Zwelling, Jeremy


Joseph of Hamadan's Sefer Tashak: Critical Text Edition with Introduction

Wesleyan University

Bargad, Warren


Character, Idea and Myth in the Works of Hayim Hazaz


Breslauer, S. Daniel


The Impact of Abraham Joshua Heschel as Jewish Leader in the American Jewish Community from the 1960's to his Death: A Social, Psychological and Intellectual Study

University of Kansas

Meier, Menahem


A Critical Edition of the Sefer-Ta-amey ha-Mizwoth (Book of Reasons of the Commandments) attributed to Isaac Ibn Farhi

Long Island Hebrew Academy

Schiffman, Lawrence H.


The Halakhah at Qumran


Albert, Phyllis


The Jewish Consistory of France: A Study in Social History

Harvard University

Flohr, Paul R.(Mendes)


Martin Buber and German Social Thought

Hebrew Univ./ Univ. of Chicago

Goldberg, Ariella Deem


Northern Type Names in the Post-exilic Jewish Onomasticon


Gorelik, Morris S.


Legal Traditions of Eleazar B. Azaryah

Yeshiva Univ.

Lazaroff, Allan


The Theology of Abraham Bibago: A Defense of the Divine Will, Knowledge and Providence in Fifteenth Century Spanish-Jewish Philosophy

Kew Gardens Anshe Sholom Jewish Center

Schultz, Carl


Ani and Anaw in Psalms

Houghton College

Bland, Kalman P.


The Epistle on the Possibility of Conjunction by Ibn Rushd with the Commentary of Moses Narboni. (A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation).


Goldsmith, Emanuel S.


Architects of Yiddishism at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: A Study in Jewish Cultural History

Queens College

Levinson, Edward R.


Moses Mendelssohn's Understanding of Logico-Grammatical and Literary Construction in the Pentateuch: A Study of His German Translation and Hebrew Commentary


Moskowitz, Moshe


Man and Jew in the Writings of Gershon Shofman


Reinharz, Jehuda


Deutschtum and Judentum: Jewish Liberalism and Zionism in Germany, 1892-1914

Brandeis University

Siegel, Jonathan P.


The Scribes of Qumran. Studies in the Early History of Jewish Scribal Customs, with Special Reference to the Qumran Biblical Scrolls and to the Tannaitic Traditions of Massekhet Soferim


Silberstein, Laurence


History and Ideology: The Writings of Yehzkel Kaufmann


Farago, Uri


The influence of a Jewish summer camp's social climate on the camper's identity


Fishbane, Michael A.


Studies in Biblical Magic: Origins, Uses and Transformations of Terminology and Literary Form

Univ. of Chicago

Hoffman, Joel


Abraham Furtado and the Sephardi Jews of France


Malino, Frances M. -


Abraham Furtado and the Sephardi Jews of France: A Study of

Wellesley College

Orchard, Cecil C.


The Significance of Political Parties in Political Modernization: A Historical Sociological Analysis of Egyptian Modernization


Artinian, Vartan


A Study of the Historical Development of the Armenian Constitutional System in the Ottoman Empire, 1839-1863

Tewksbury Hosp.

Kieval, Philip


The Talmudic View of the Hasmonean and Early Herodian Periods in Jewish History

Rabbi, Retired

Rosenblum, Herbert


The Founding of the United Synagogue of America


Hen-Tov, Jacob


The Comitern and Zionism in Palestine

Inst. Of Eurasian Studies

Lieberman, Alvin


Studies in the Trial by River Ordeal in the Ancient Near East During the Second Millennium BCE


Wakeman, Mary K.


God's Battle with the Monster: A Study in Biblical Imagery


Gersh, Irving


Moshe Leib Lilienblum: An Intellectual Biography

Newton Strategic Mktg.

Scult, Melvin M.


The Conversion of the Jews and the Origin of the Emancipation in England


Friedland, Eric L.


The History and Theological Development of the Non-Orthodox Jewish Prayerbooks in the United States

U of Dayton; Retired

Gottlieb, Moshe


The Anti-Nazi Boycott Movement in the American Jewish Community, 1933-1941


Margulis, Barry


Studies in the Oracles Against the Nations

Haifa Univ.; Retired

Silverman, Michael


Jewish Personal Names in the Elephantine Documents. A Study in Onomastic Development

M.H. Silverman CPA 1612

Kessler, Martin


A Prophetic Biography: A Form-Critical Study of Jeremiah, Chaps. 26-29; 32-45


McComiskey, Thomas


The Status of the Secondary Wife: Its Development in Ancient Near Eastern Law. A Study and Comprehensive Index

Southwest Missouri State Univ.

Ivry, Alfred


Moses of Marbonnes's Treatise, The perfection of the Soul. A Partial Edition from the Paris MS., with Translation and Notes

NYU / Skirball

Weinberger, Leon


The Death of Moses and the Synagogue Liturgy

U of Alabama

Levine, Baruch


Survivals of the Ancient Canaanite in the Mishnah (Mediterranean Studies)

NYU; Retired

Schultz, Joseph


The Revelation on Sinai as Interpreted in the Aggada


Wieder, Arnold A.


Jeremiah in Aggadic Literature

Boston Hebrew College; Retired

Rosenbaum, Stanley


The Concept 'Antagonist' in Hebrew Psalmography: A Semantic Field Study

Dickinson College

Steiman, Sidney


The Maharil & the Ashkenazic Minhag


Graybill, John B.


Palace and Temple Archives from Nuzi (Mediterranean Studies)


Greenbaum, Alfred A.


Jewish Scholarship in Soviet Russia

Hebrew Univ.

Rin, Svi


Hebrew-Ugaritic Affinities as Reflected in the Baal & Anat Epic

Univ. of Penn.; (deceased)

Ward, William A.


A Comparative Study of Egyptian and Ugaritic Phonetics and Lexicography

American Univ. of Beirut, Brown University; (deceased)

Zinkand, John


A Study of the Morphology of Ugaritic and Akkadian

Dordt College

Schwartz, Adaire Joy


Shevile ha-hinukh


Speigler, Laura J.


Studies in Coptic History


Berman, Lawrence V.


Eretz Yisrael and Hutz LaAretz in Maimonides' Misneh Torah