Upcoming Events

Monday April 24, Wednesday April 26, Monday May 1st, 2017

"A/Verse to Meter: A conference by the students of Biblical Poetry (NEJS 121b) with Professor Jacqueline Vayntrub"

MondayApril 24 2-3:20 PM
Chair: Hannah Taylor and Neil Gold
Carey Slaeker, "Four Visions and a Narrative: Poetry and Prose in Amos 7-8"
Jared Pfost, "Ironic Reversal in Balaam’s Prophetic Speeches in Numbers and Deir ˁAlla"

Wednesday, April 26 2-3:20 PM
Chair: Austin Shanabrook
Justin Huguenin, "Look and See: the Rhetoric of Imperatives Addressed to YHWH in Lamentations and Lament Poetry"
Dana Brattlof, "The Role of the Song of Moses and its Frame within the Book of Deuteronomy"
Anthony Lipscomb, "Legal Revision and Poetic Formulation: Towards Understanding the Arrangement and Function of Law in Leviticus 19"

Monday, May 1 2-3:20 PM
Chair: Chaiel Schaffel
Sari Fein, "Finding Her Voice: The Poetics of Zion's Speech in Prophetic Literature"
Noam Cohen, "The 'Book' of Jashar as a Monumental Inscription"
Dan Berman, "The Unparalleled Poetics of Hosea 1–2"

2-3:20pm each day
Lown 315


Thursday, April 27, 2017

"An Interactive Talk with Professor Shosh Leshem"

Professor Leshem will talk about the following issues in teaching and learning a foreign language: Myths about vocabulary teaching, the use of L1 in teaching L2, and listening skills. Shosh Leshem is a professor in Education. She has worked at Oranim College of Education for 20 years and was Head of Teacher Education for Secondary Schools (2008-2016). Her scholarly works are within Teacher Education and Doctoral Education. Within Teacher Education, her areas of specialization and research have focused on TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), professional development of in-service and pre-service teachers. Within doctoral education her specialization and research is in ‘The nature of doctorateness’ and supervision. She is currently a visiting scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Golding 103
Free and open to the public


May 4th - May 21, 2017

"The National Center for Jewish Film's 20th Annual Film Festival"


Join us from May 4-21 for a vibrant slate of independent films and classic cinematic treasures from around the world.
The National Center for Jewish Film’s festival is an outgrowth of our broader work as an independent nonprofit film archive, distributor & exhibitor. Since 1976, NCJF has rescued, restored, and exhibited films that document the diversity and vibrancy of Jewish life. The Center’s archive collection of rare and endangered films with Jewish content is the world’s largest, outside of Israel. The Center is also a major distributor of new films, representing 100 filmmakers. A world leader in the collection and exhibition of Jewish culture, NCJF responds to 7000 programing inquiries annually.

NEJS Sponsored Screenings:

Hummus! The Movie
Friday, May 12, 7:00 pm @ Museum of Fine Arts            

Hummus! The Movie
Tuesday, May 16, 5:00 pm @ Coolidge Corner Theater    

Tickets on sale now!