Adlai Stevenson Professor of International Politics


Ph.D., University of Chicago

Field of Specialty

Comparative politics; Ethnic politics; Balkan politics; Ethnic conflict and conflict management.

Contact Information

Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 108

Steven L. Burg

Works to promote inclusive governance through the international NGO Council for Inclusive Governance, for which he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Directs the Brandeis University Research Circle on Democracy and Cultural Pluralism.


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Courses Taught

POL 127a Ending Deadly Conflict
POL 127b Seminar: Managing Ethnic Conflict
POL 129a East European Politics
POL 151a Seminar: Cultural Pluralism and Democratic Governance
POL 171b National Intelligence: Theory, Practice, and Cinematic
POL 176a Seminar: International Intervention
POL 214b Graduate Seminar: Selected Topics in World Politics