Art, Robert
Christian A. Herter Professor of International Relations
Expertise: International relations. U.S. foreign policy. National security policy.

Bellin, Eva R.
Myra and Robert Kraft Professor of Arab Politics in the Department of Politics and the Crown Center for Middle East Studies

Burg, Steven L.
Adlai Stevenson Professor of International Politics
Expertise: Comparative politics; Ethnic politics; Balkan politics; Ethnic conflict and conflict management.

Chase, Kerry A.
Associate Professor of Politics
Expertise: International Relations, particularly International Political Economy and US Foreign Economic Policy.

Feldman, Shai
Judy and Sidney Swartz Director's Chair of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies and Professor of Politics

Fitzduff, Mari Christine
Expertise: Peace Processes. Public Policy on Diversity Issues Professional/Graduate Education Coexistence Issues. Social Psychology of Intercommunal/IntersocietalConflict.

Fried, Brian
Florence Levy Kay Fellow in Comparative Politics of the Developing World
Expertise: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Latin America, and multi-method research design.

Goodhart, Lucy
Lecturer in Politics
Expertise: Iinternational political economy, comparative politics of advanced, industrialized economies, and comparative political economy.

Greenlee, Jill S.
Associate Professor of Politics
Expertise: American Politics, Political Behavior, Political Socialization, Public Opinion, Women and Politics, and Research Methods

Herron, Paul
Lecturer in Politics
Expertise: American Political Development, American Constitutional Development, Public Law, Southern Political History

Klausen, Jytte
Lawrence A. Wien Professor of International Cooperation
Expertise: Comparative politics. Islam in the West. Immigration and social cohesion. Europe.

Kryder, Daniel Thomas
Associate Professor of Politics and Politics Department Chair
Expertise: American political development. History of race policy and politics. The presidency. Wartime politics.

Lawrence, Frederick M.
President and Professor of Politics

Lenowitz, Jeffrey A.
Assistant Professor of Politics
Expertise: Political theory. History of political thought. Legal philosophy. Constitutional theory and design.

Levin, Marty
Professor of Politics
Expertise: American politics. Politics of administration.

Thaxton, Ralph
Professor of Politics
Expertise: Comparative politics. East Asia. China. Comparative revolutions. Comparative democratic movements.

Woll, Peter
Professor of Politics
Expertise: American politics and government. Administrative law. Congress.

Yack, Bernard
Lerman Neubauer Professor of Democracy and Public Policy
Expertise: Political theory. History of political thought. Nationalism. Cultural pluralism.

Affiliated Faculty

Gaskins, Richard
Proskauer Chair in Law and Social Welfare
Expertise: Comparative law and social welfare, global justice and human rights, economic philosophies, legal argumentation.

Hulliung, Mark L.
Richard Koret Professor of the History of Ideas
Expertise: Intellectual, cultural, and political history, American and European

Nyangoni, Wellington
Professor of African and Afro-American Studies
Expertise: Africa: Economic development. Comparative Third World politics.

Smiley, Marion
J. P. Morgan Chase Professor of Ethics
Expertise: Moral, social, and political philosophy.

Willrich, Michael
Professor of History
Expertise: United States social and political history, with special interests in legal history, urban history, and the Progressive Era (1890-1920).

Emeritus Faculty

Brown, Seyom
Professor Emeritus of Politics
Expertise: International relations. World politics, Causes and prevention of war, Alliances, Collective Security, War and peace, Human rights, US national security and foreign policy

Hindley, Donald
Professor Emeritus of Politics
Expertise: Comparative politics. Southeast Asian and Latin American politics.

Ross, George W.
Professor Emeritus of Labor and Social Thought
Expertise: European Integration, European politics and social policy, comparative industrial relations, sociology of advanced capitalist societies Researching and analyzing the development of this new Europe.