Professor of African and Afro-American Studies


Ph.D., Howard University

Field of Specialty

Africa: Economic development and. Comparative Third World politics, International Organizations which include : the
United Nations Organization, International Monetary Fund,World Bank the World Trade Organization, African Union and
Chinese international Trade with African and Latin American countries.

Contact Information

Kutz Hall 133

Wellington Nyangoni

\A specialist in African economic development, international political economy with an emphasis on the role of the United Nations Specialized Agencies, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, Food and Agricultural Organization
and the World Trade Organization.


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Courses Taught

AAAS 60a Economics of Third World Hunger
AAAS 80a Economy and Society in Africa
AAAS 117a Communications and Social Change in Developing Nations
AAAS 122a Politics of Southern Africa
AAAS 123a Third World Ideologies
AAAS 126b Political Economy of the Third World
AAAS 158a Theories of Development and Underdevelopment
AAAS 163b Africa in World Politics
AAAS 175a Comparative Politics of North Africa