Associate Professor of Politics


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Field of Specialty

American Politics, Political Behavior, Political Socialization, Public Opinion, Women and Politics, Racial Attitudes, and Research Methods

Contact Information

Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 205

Jill S Greenlee

Jill Greenlee is an associate professor in Politics and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Brandeis University. She received her B.A. in political science from the University of Michigan and her Ph.D. in political science from the University of California, Berkeley. Her current scholarship investigates how life cycle events and life stages shape the political attitudes and behaviors of individuals. In her first book, The Political Consequences of Motherhood (2014, University of Michigan Press), Greenlee investigates the complex relationship between motherhood and women’s political attitudes. She has continued to investigate the ways in which motherhood shapes women’s political engagement in a series of co-authored articles and book chapters.

Currently, Professor Greenlee is working with colleagues to understand the impact of being the father of a daughter on men’s gender-linked political attitudes and behaviors. Greenlee is also working on a project with several collaborators that investigates the political socialization of children; this work seeks to uncover whether the roots of gender gaps in political ambition, interest, and knowledge can be found in childhood. Finally, in addition to research on gender, Professor Greenlee also investigates political socialization questions related to racial attitudes and generational change. She is currently working on a co-authored book manuscript investigating the nature of racial attitudes among white Americans who came of age during the Obama presidency.

Professor Greenlee has published work in journals such as Political Psychology, Politics and Gender, P.S. Political Science and Politics, Politics, Groups and Identities, and Public Opinion Quarterly. She teaches courses in American Politics, Women and Politics, Political Behavior, and Research Methods.


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Courses Taught

POL 50b Political Science Methods: Research, Design, and Modes of Analysis
POL 111a The American Congress
POL 123a Seminar: Political Psychology
POL 125a Seminar: Women in American Politics
POL 193a Special Topics in American Politics
POL 215a Graduate Seminar: American Political Behavior
WMGS 213b Gender in American Politics