Professor of Politics


Ph.D., University of Wisconsin

Field of Specialty

Comparative politics. East Asian Politics. Modern and Contemporary Chinese Politics. East Asian International Relations. China's Global Rise. Contentious Politics. Comparative Revolutions. Comparative democratic movements.

Contact Information

Golding Judaica Center 116

Ralph Thaxton


Ralph A. Thaxton, Jr.. Force and Contention in Contemporary China: Memory and Resistance in the Long Shadow of the Catastrophic Past. forthcoming ed. Cambridge University Press, 2016. (forthcoming)

Thaxton, Ralph. Catastrophe and Contention in Rural China: Mao's Great Leap Forward Famine and the Origins of Righteous Resistance in Da Fo Village.. Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, etc.: 2008.

Thaxton, Ralph. Salt of the Earth: The Political Origins of Peasant Protest and Communist Revolution in China. University of California Press, 1997.

Thaxton, Ralph. China Turned Rightside Up: Revolutionary Legitimacy in the Peasant World. Yale University Press, 1983.

Courses Taught

POL 128a The Politics of Revolution: State Violence and Popular Insurgency in the Third World
POL 147a The Government and Politics of China
POL 148a Seminar: Contemporary Chinese Politics
POL 167a United States and China in World Politics
POL 179a China's Global Rise: The Challenge to Democratic Order