Richard Koret Professor of the History of Ideas


Ph.D., Harvard University

Field of Specialty

Intellectual, cultural, and political history, American and European

political theory

Contact Information

Golding Judaica Center 104

Mark L Hulliung

Mark Hulliung is the Richard Koret Professor of History at Brandeis University. He has published widely on topics concerning intellectual, cultural, and political history, both European and American, including the interactions between America and Europe. He is a historian and a political theorist, and his work is interdisciplinary in nature, cutting especially across history, political science, and literary studies. He has taught a wide variety of courses at both the undergraduate and the graduate level.


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Courses Taught

HIST 133a Politics of the Enlightenment
HIST 133b Rights and Revolutions: History of Natural Rights
HIST 181b Red Flags/Black Flags: Marxism vs. Anarchism, 1845-1968
HIST 183b Community and Alienation: Social Theory from Hegel to Freud
HIST 192b Romantic and Existentialist Political Thought
HIST 195a American Political Thought: From the Revolution to the Civil War
HIST 196a American Political Thought: From the 1950s to the Present