Meyer and W. Walter Jaffe Assistant Professor of Politics


Ph.D., Columbia University

Field of Specialty

political theory; democratic theory; constitutional theory and design; legal philosophy; history of modern political thought; global justice and governance; institutional design.

Contact Information

Olin-Sang American Civilization Center 206

Jeffrey A. Lenowitz

Jeffrey Lenowitz is the Meyer and W. Walter Jaffe Assistant Professor of Politics, focusing on political theory. His research explores the historical origins, normative implications, and empirical effects of the procedures uses to create new constitutions; the meaning and use of concept of legitimacy in the social sciences; the use of punishment to sanction elites; global justice; and other various aspects of democratic theory and institutional design.


Lenowitz, Jeffrey A.. "'A Trust that cannot be Delegated': The Invention of Ratification Referenda." American Political Science Review 109. 4 (2016): 803-816.

Lenowitz, Jeffrey A.. "Review of "A Theory of Militant Democracy: The Politics of Combatting Political Extremism"." by Alexander Kirshner. Journal of Politics vol. 77 October 2015: e1-e2.

Courses Taught

POL 10a Introduction to Political Theory
POL 116b Civil Liberties in America
POL 184a Global Justice
POL 190b Seminar: Democratic Theory
POL 192b Seminar: Topics in Law and Political Theory
POL 197a The Supreme Court Colloquium