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Brown Social Sciences 15-16
Enter doors on East side of building (closest to castle).
Lab is first door on the right. 

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Welcome to the COPE Lab

Executive function (EF) is essential for successfully navigating nearly all of our daily activities, and individual differences in EF are associated with many important aspects of human health and functioning throughout the lifespan, including academic and occupational functioning, interpersonal problems, substance use and mental health. Critically, EF processes continue to develop through adolescence and into early adulthood. 

What neural and cognitive mechanisms support these essential EF processes, how do these mechanisms develop, and how are they related to the development of mental health problems?

The CoPE Lab seeks to address these questions using multiple methods and levels of analysis (including cognitive tasks, neuroimaging, and clinical interviews), and across development from late childhood to early adulthood.

Lab News

  • Welcome to our new graduate students Jenny Wicks and Hannah Singer! Hannah Singer will be a master's student in the Department of Psychology, and Jenny will be a doctoral student in the Department of Psychology. We also want to officially welcome Aly Fassett-Carmen, a doctoral student in the Department of Neuroscience, to the lab!  
  • Welcome to our new undergraduate research assistants Rachel Marcus and Nic Neves! We are now full for Fall 2017, but welcome additional applicants for possible spots in Spring 2018. See Join the Lab for information on how to apply.
  • The CoPE Lab home is done! The remodel has now been completed of our beautiful new lab space, Brown 15-16.