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Would you like to participate in research about cognition and mental health? The CoPE Lab at Brandeis University, directed by Dr. Hannah Snyder, is currently looking for people who would like to volunteer as research participants for various psychology studies.

For First-Year Students at Brandeis University

Stress and Coping in College Youth Study

Updated: Sept. 2023

Are you a first-year student at Brandeis University? Interested in a research study on stress and coping in Brandeis students? 

The CoPE Lab is conducting research on stress coping in first year Brandeis students. We want to understand what helps students cope with stress during major transitions, including the transition to college and across semesters.

The study includes a few different parts that happen over the three-semester study period: 
  1. There are two in-person research sessions, each of which takes about 5-6 hours. During these sessions, you will play some computer games while we monitor physical functioning (for example, your heart rate). You will also complete a set of interviews and surveys that ask about stress, behavior, mood, and health.
  2. There are three 21-day periods in which we will send you a daily “micro survey” (less than 5 minutes to answer) asking about your behavior and mood using an app.
  3. There are two 1-hour online surveys that we will send to your email.
The study takes place over the course of three semesters, and you will be compensated for your participation (maximum of $446-470 for completing all parts of the study). If you want to learn more, contact us at: or 781-736-3376.

Complete our contact information form to schedule a phone screen.

For College Students Ages 18–24

Cognitive Control and Repetitive Negative Thinking Study

Updated: Sept. 2023
  • This study explores links between cognitive control abilities and repetitive thinking in daily life in college students
  • If you are age 18-24, a full-time Brandeis undergraduate, and speak English as a first language, you may be eligible to participate
  • The study involves 12 days of consecutive participation:
    • Day 1: A 2.5 hour in-person lab visit at Brandeis University to complete a series of cognitive tasks and surveys
    • Days 2-11: Completing five brief 2-minute surveys per day sent to your smartphone
    • Day 12: Completing a 30-minute survey sent to your smartphone
  • Compensation for your time: Course credit for Intro to Psychology (10A) and Statistics (51A) 
  • Sign up via SONA
  • For more information:
    • Research conducted by Dr. Hannah Snyder and PhD candidate Elizabeth Marsh, CoPE Lab, Psychology Dept, Brandeis University
To sign up for the study, fill out the following form.

If you have any questions about the research being conducted or your participation in the research, feel free to contact the researchers at or 781-736-3376.

If you have any questions about your rights as a subject in this research, would like to speak with someone other than the researchers about concerns you have about the study, or in the event the researchers cannot be reached, please contact the Brandeis University IRB (the University's Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects) at 781-736-8133 or