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Judy and Eliza Dushku

Keynote Address: Eliza Dushku and Judy Dushku

February 6th, 2013

Film and TV star Eliza Dushku and her mother Judy Dushku, professor of politics at Suffolk University, will speak about their work with THRIVE-Gulu, which addresses issues of child soldiers, sex slavery and other post-conflict concerns in Uganda.

Judy Dushku is the founder of THRIVE-Gulu; Eliza Dushku has had a significant role supporting the organization.

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'DEIS Impacters - the core organizing committee for the annual 'DEIS Impact festival

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What do 'DEIS Impacters do?

'DEIS Impacters were responsible for outreach to certain clubs, departments, etc., encouraging them to plan events during 'DEIS Impact. As a group, they made recommendations about which proposals will be part of 'DEIS Impact and made funding recommendations. They served as liaisons to events, working with the club, department or individual organizers to finalize details and plan effective publicity. They were the introducers at the event, and put the event in context of the week. As a group, they worked on assessment of participant learnings during the week, as well as documentation (photos, summaries, quotes from speakers and audience members), and follow up.

Meet the 'DEIS Impacters:

Laura Aguirre '13
Anna Bessendorf '15
Sarah Johnson '13
Se Jun Lee '16
Estela Lozano '16
Shelby Magid '15
Lindsay Mitnik '16
Avishek Neupane '14
So Hyun Shin '16 
Leah Staffin '15
Flora (Yuan) Wang '15
Nusrath Yusuf '13

Meet the Steering Committee

Amanda Dryer '13, Brandeis ExCEL Fellow
Sarah G. Kim '13, Student Union Social Justice Committee Chair
Todd Kirkland '13, Student Union President
Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
Amina Nur, Sustainable International Development/COEX, Heller School
Gloria Park '13, Student Union VP
Ingrid Schorr, Office of the Arts
David Weinstein, Ethics Center

'DEIS Impact committee members:

Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman (ENGL faculty)
Robert Angell (IBS faculty)
Alwina Bennett (Grads and Postdocs)
Beth Bernstein (Brandeis National Committee)
Amanda Dryer ’13 (‘DEIS Impact Steering Committee)
Joe Dupont (Hiatt Career Center)
Andrew Flagel (Students & Enrollment)
Monique Gnanaratnam (ICC)
Stephanie Grimes (Student Activities)
Todd Kirkland ’13 (‘DEIS Impact Steering Committee)
Daniel Langenthal (Office of Experiential Learning)
Enrique Levin (Graduate Student Association)
Shelby Magid ’15 (‘DEIS Impacter)
Lucas Malo (Dept. of Community Service)
Marci McPhee (Ethics Center)
David Nathan (Development)
Caroline O’Shea (Hiatt Career Center)
Gloria Park ’13 (‘DEIS Impact Steering Committee)
Gina Regonini (Student Activities)
Ingrid Schorr (Office of the Arts)
David Weinstein (Ethics Center)
Elaine Wong (Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences)

'DEIS Impact is a collaboration between the Brandeis Undergraduate Student Union and the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, with support from the Louis D. Brandeis Legacy Fund for Social Justice.

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For more information:

Marci McPhee (Ethics Center): 781-736-7744 or

Todd Kirkland (Student Union): 781-521-2855 or
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