What is Social Justice?

'DEIS Impact 2013 Events

Social Justice Around Us

'DEIS Impacters described their social justice journey and their definition of social justice through narratives and photos. Even within the 'DEIS Impacters they approached social justice in a variety of ways, and are sparked discussions into the multitude of ways Brandesians and our community members understand social justice. How would you describe your approach to social justice?

Build a Visual Definition of Social Justice

Visitors to the Shapiro Campus Center during 'DEIS Impact were invited to use paint, magazine, and newspaper clippings to create tiles that visually represented what social justice meant to them. The result was a diverse and compelling account of the symbolic or abstract representation people hold of social justice, as creative as it was inspiring. How would you communicate your understanding of social justice without words?

Who is your Social Justice Hero?

Social justice does not occur in a void, but through the tireless work by justice-seeking individuals. In this roundtable discussion, audience members identified their personal social justice heros - from Nelson Mandela to a friend or colleague - and discussed their heroes' legacies as well as what their own legacies would be. Who is your social justice hero, and how have they impacted your life?

Social Justice: An Intergenerational Conversation

Social justice affects all in our society, but rarely do we have a chance to discuss it with any but our peers. In this event, Brandeis students and members of BOLLI (the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Brandeis) had the opportunity to come together for an intergenerational discussion touching on all aspects of social justice: meaning, implication, and practice. How have intergenerational discussions about social justice impacted your understanding of issues? 

SoJust Leadership Forum

Alumni and guest speakers related to attending students how they turned their interest in social justice into a meaningful career. Students were able to interact with the thirty-seven featured speakers and gain their valuable insights into how they might translate their social justice passion in the professional world. How have you taken or how do you plan to take your enthusiasm and apply it to your career?

When Harry Met Louie: How Harry Potter Inspired a Brandeis Student

Andrew Slack '02 spoke about his journey from Brandeis undergraduate to founder of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA), an internationally-known nonprofit calling on fans to apply the story's themes to real-world issues of social justice. He spoke about HPA as a synthesis of different stories and narratives to bring about change, and called for undergraduates to view fantasy or other narratives not as escapism but as another way to view and understand our own world. How do the stories and narratives closest to you shape your view of social justice, and the pressing issues of our time? 

Telling Your Story to Inspire Action: A Workshop

Members of Project Plus One led a workshop introducing participants to the "Story of Self" - an artful storytelling technique contextualizing the speaker's social justice passion within their own life. Participants and workshop leaders engaged one another and shared their own "Story of Self," learning more about themselves and other members of their community in the process. What is your "Story of Self"?