Take Action: Special Online Feature

“How Should I Choose My Commitments to Causes?” It is impossible for any one person to commit to taking action on every meaningful issue. ’DEIS Impact alone features many social justice related events in a week. So how does an interested individual decide where, whom and how to help? Leah Igdalsky ’14 considers this question in a special “Ethical Inquiry”.

Find Your Social Justice Spark — Or Light Someone Else’s!

Our time at Brandeis is fleeting, but the impact we make can continue onward and outward. The potential for change is not limited to a project, job or policy. It is limited only by our efforts – and those efforts can be amplified by belonging to a university that fosters a community of peers (of all ages) committed to social justice.

When introducing the first ever ‘DEIS Impact in 2012, then-Student Union President Herbie Rosen '12 lauded Brandeis as the only school he knew of that incorporated social justice as a pillar of its framework. “I never saw a school so enthralled with social justice as this campus,” he stated. “It is not every day that a university as young as we are, as small as we are, climbs the rankings as one of America’s top schools, translating the great Supreme Court justice’s life and legacy into a commitment to make an impact.”

Herbie continued, “’DEIS Impact is a time when we recognize, question and discuss the unexplainable institutional love we have here at Brandeis for local action.”

’DEIS Impact is a reflection of Brandeis’ legacy of social justice and the desire to make a positive impact on our communities – school, city, country and the world. Our society needs positive changemakers to fight for justice every single day on multiple fronts.

Here at Brandeis, we have an opportunity to make an amplified impact over just a few days through this microcosmic social justice event known as ‘DEIS Impact. We can empower individuals in their own social justice undertakings. During this short time we can begin change in our community and start to build – and be – the leaders who will carry this legacy of social justice into the world beyond Brandeis.

Be a part of this change. Take a few minutes to participate, listen, learn and get involved. Simple acts can become a part of something greater and help us make an outsized impact.

“Few will have the greatness to bend history,” declared Robert Kennedy in a 1966 address in South Africa to University of Cape Town students, “but each of us can work to change a small portion of the events, and then the total – all of these acts – will be written in the history of this generation.”

This is your moment to act.

Join us.

Jacob Edelman '18 and Hannah Brown '19 contributed to this introduction.