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'DEIS Impact features events planned by Brandeis University community members.  Learn more about event proposals.

Download or view the 2014 'DEIS Impact! flyer.

Launch Party: At the launch party students learned more about how they can shape 'DEIS Impact. More details on Facebook.

'DEIS Impacter applications: Create 'DEIS Impact as a 'DEIS Impacter! The application deadline has passed.

'DEIS Impact event proposals and funding requests: The application deadline has passed. Details of the 'DEIS Impact 2014 schedule will be posted soon.

'DEIS Impact Organizers 2014

'DEIS Impacter

Core Committee: The 'DEIS Impacters

  • Avishek Neupane '14 (chair)
  • Margaret Back '16
  • Sophie Brickman '16
  • Brontte Hwang '15
  • Se Jun Lee '16
  • Lindsay Mitnik '16
  • Alina Pokhrel '15
  • Heather Spector '17

'DEIS Impact! Steering Committee

  • Sasha Anderson, Coexistence and Conflict/Sustainable International Development, Heller
  • Anna Bessendorf ’15, Student Union Rep
  • Naomi DePina, Student Union Social Justice Chair
  • Avishek Neupane '14
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Ricky Rosen ’14, Student Union President
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of the Arts
  • Sneha Walia ’15, Student Union Secretary
  • Flora Wang ’15, Student Union Rep
  • David Weinstein, Ethics Center

'DEIS Impact Working Group

  • Sasha Anderson, Coexistence and Conflict/Sustainable International Development, Heller ('DEIS Impact Coordinator)
  • Joyce Antler, American Studies faculty
  • Monika Bach Schroeder, Hiatt Career Center
  • Alwina Bennett, Grads and Postdocs
  • Beth Bernstein, Brandeis National Committee
  • Sophie Brickman '16
  • Ellen de Graffenreid, Communications
  • Joe DuPont, Hiatt
  • Andrew Flagel, Students & Enrollment
  • Monique Gnanaratnam, Intercultural Center
  • Rachael Gold-Brown, Heller SIDCO
  • Gayle Gordon ‘08, Development
  • Stephanie Grimes, Student Activities
  • Daniel Langenthal, Experiential Learning
  • Lucas Malo, Community Service
  • Marci McPhee, Ethics Center
  • Lindsay Mitnik '16
  • David Nathan, Development
  • Caroline O’Shea, Hiatt
  • John Plotz, English faculty
  • Ricky Rosen '14, Student Union President
  • Sharon Rosenberg '00, Alumni Relations
  • Rebecca Simons, Admissions
  • Ingrid Schorr, Office of Arts
  • Heather Spector '17
  • Elba Valerio, Intercultural Center
  • Sneha Walia ’15, Student Union Secretary
  • David Weinstein, Ethics Center
  • Elaine Wong, Dean of Arts and Sciences

Events Planned By:

  • African and Afro-American Studies
  • Brandeis Academic Debate and Speech Society
  • Brandeis Asian American Student Association
  • Brandeis Beats
  • Black Student Organization
  • Brandeis Chaplaincy 

  • Brandeis Divestment Forum
  • Brandeis Harry Potter Alliance
  • Brandeis Liberty in North Korea
  • Brandeis Music for Social Justice Working Group
  • Brandeis National Committee

  • Brandeis Pluralism Alliance

  • Brandeis Television
  • Brandeis Theater Company
  • Cambridge School of Weston
  • Career Development Center at the Heller School

  • Department of Community Service
  • Environmental Studies 

  • Experiential Learning and Teaching
  • Graduate Student Affairs
  • Graduate Student Association
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program
  • Heller Gender Working Group
  • Hiatt Career Center
  • Intercultural Center
  • International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life

  • Justice Brandeis Semester
  • MLK & Friends
  • No Labels at Brandeis
  • Office of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Office of High School Programs
  • Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Office of the Dean of Student Life
  • Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Program

  • Poverty Action Coalition
  • Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts
  • Queer Policy Alliance
  • Queer Resource Center
  • Real Food Brandeis
  • Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism
  • Social Justice and Social Policy Program
  • STAND Against Genocide
  • Student Union
  • Student Union Social Justice and Diversity Committee
  • Students for Environmental Action
  • The Now Project
  • The Ripple Effect
  • Triskelion
  • Waltham Group
  • Women's Studies Research Center