Keynote Address

With Alan Khazei

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015
Levin Ballroom

One of “America's 25 Best Leaders” (US News and World Report, 2006) and author of Big Citizenship: How pragmatic idealism can bring out the best in America, Khazei will speak about empowering citizens to make a difference.

As a young graduate from Harvard Law School, Alan Khazei co-founded City Year, which now operates in 20 U.S. cities and Johannesburg and London, and served as the model for the AmeriCorps program. Khazei is currently the CEO of Be The Change, an organization he started to do collective impact work. One of “America's 25 Best Leaders” (US News and World Report, 2006), he is the author of Big Citizenship: How pragmatic idealism can bring out the best in America, and founder of Be the Change, Inc. Khazei has been a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, and teaches a course on social entrepreneurship in the Spring at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Featured Events

The Struggle for Liberation: The Plight of Dalits and the Enduring Phenomenon of Caste in Indian Society

Tuesday, Feb. 3 and Friday, Feb. 6, 12:00-2:00 p.m.
Heller G02 

The word “Dalit” is derived from the Sanskrit for ‘broken.’ It signifies ‘oppressed’ and is used synonymously with ‘Untouchables’ who were considered the ‘impure’ caste. Although the Indian constitution bans ‘untouchability’ and discrimination on the basis of caste, the phenomenon still continues in complex and myriad ways. The two day symposium will explore various issues surrounding the caste system and its impact on Indian society, culture, politics, the state and law and current strategies for resistance and liberation from its more adverse effects. For more informaiton on the two events associated with this display, please download the PDF breakdown

Sponsored by: Center of Global Development and Sustainability at The Heller School for Social Policy and Management, and Office of the Arts
For more information: Nilambar Nyak,

Soulfulness and Social Justice Making

Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
Rapaporte Treasure Hall, Goldfarb Library

Leadership in social justice can mean life on the frazzled edge: overstretched and overbooked while trying to address daunting world challenges. But it is possible to lead for social change in a new way, with that deep sense of contentment that all leaders yearn for. Based on his most recent book, “Fulfilled,” Kirk Jones will articulate a new approach for the exhausted activist leader. His approach to leadership is based on three inner capacities which every leader already possesses: stillness, awareness and playfulness. Learn from this Louisiana-born “Preacher’s Teacher” how to burn brightly in the world without burning out. Refreshments will be served. 

Sponsored by: Brandeis Graduate Christian Fellowship, Brandeis Interfaith Group, Brandeis Multifaith Chaplaincy and Sangha Club

For more information: Rev. Matt Carriker,

Hiatt Industry Night: SoJust Leadership

Monday, Feb. 9, 4:00-6:00 p.m. Case Challenge, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Networking
Sherman Function Hall, Hassenfeld Conference Center

This three-part event helps students committed to social justice learn about ways to continue making a social impact in their careers after graduation. The event features a case competition followed by a panel of experts who will raise awareness about key trends and their personal experiences and career paths. After a case competition, panelists and additional industry guests co-host networking that enable students to rotate through conversations with an array of experts who provide insights about their careers, academic backgrounds, and organizations. Refreshments will be served.


Sponsored by: Hiatt Career Center
For more information: Caroline O’Shea,