Keynote Address

With Rebecca Walker

Tuesday, Jan. 31, 7:30 p.m. in the Shapiro Campus Center Theater
Founder of the Third Wave Fund for Social Justice, Walker was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential leaders of her generation. Bestselling author of "Black White & Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self" and many other works, she brings two decades of experience, insight, and innovation to the global conversation about identity, culture and power. Click here for more information.

Community Partner Events

Reach beyond the Brandeis bubble by making connections (and making a difference) with local organizations through 'DEIS Impact! 

The 2017 community partners connected with 'DEIS Impact events are Waltham Family SchoolWATCH CDC, and Waltham Community Day Center.

Click here for the full listing of all 'DEIS Impact 2017 event summaries. 

Invisible Walls: Language and the Immigrant Experience

Display: Friday, Jan. 27-Sunday, Feb. 5, All day
Shapiro Campus Center Atrium

Imagine living in a society in which you are expected to read, write and communicate in a language that you do not understand. Now imagine trying to be a successful advocate for yourself or your loved ones in that same society. Have you ever thought about how much you take for granted your ability to communicate openly or understand complex programs like the U.S. educational system? Simply put: what does English really mean to you? Stop by our interactive display to reflect on your own experiences and learn about what English means to immigrant families in our community.

Sponsored by: Waltham Family School
For more information: Ilana Cedarbaum,

Homelessness's Home: A Photography Display

Display: Friday, Jan. 27-Sunday, Feb. 5, All Day
Shapiro Campus Center Atrium

Homeless Home, a photography project created by a group of people in Waltham Community Day Center who are mostly homeless, vulnerable and experiencing mental and physical abuses, shows things that they are happy about and grateful for in their lives. While homelessness is a difficult and dark issue, this presents a view of homelessness that is not often seen or contemplated. Come see what makes home and family for homeless people, and learn more about homeless issues and mental diseases in professional contexts.

Sponsored by: Waltham Community Day Center
For more information: Yiyi Wu,

Housing Insecurity in Waltham: Building Understanding

Sunday, Jan. 29, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
International Lounge, Usdan

What is a home? Is it an apartment, a house, a street, a neighborhood, a city? What happens when that home is taken from you? According to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, there were 21,135 people experiencing homelessness in just the state of Massachusetts in 2015, and this number continues to rise. Join Hunger and Homelessness, Habitat for Humanity, and WATCH CDC (Waltham Alliance to Create Housing) for a workshop and discussion on issues of gentrification, discrimination, and homelessness right here in Waltham. Tell your housing story and listen to those of others from our community. Learn more about the steps we can all take to protect our neighbors’ rights to safe, secure, and affordable housing.

Sponsored by: Habitat for Humanity, Hunger and Honmelessness and Social Justice and Social Policy Program
For more information: Rachel Lederer,