Interdepartmental Inquiry Combined With Multicultural Exploration

The Film, Television and Interactive Media program focuses on analysis of film style and content, film history, the relationships between cinema and culture, and the creative aspects of film production.

The program curriculum is designed to provide a broad overview of the history of the moving image, develop expertise in cinematic style and cultural meaning, lend theoretical sophistication to an understanding of the moving image, and ensure some appreciation of the practical and technical side of motion picture production.

You will develop an awareness of cinema as a complex narrative form and as an art. We want you to learn the rhetorical and syntactical conventions of moving images and how this language has developed historically. We help you master film, television and interactive media from both the theoretical and practical perspectives.

Scheinman Prize in Film Production

The Program in Film, Television, and Interactive Media wishes to announce an annual competition in film production.  Any undergraduate in good standing at Brandeis University may submit an entry of no shorter than 6 and no longer than 12 minutes, inclusive of credits.  Submissions may not have been created at other institutions or for commercial use. Each of the two Margaret Scheinman prizes is $1500. Students should upload their work for consideration by Monday, March 11, 2019 to this Google drive folder.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Brown.