Film, Television and Interactive Media Program

Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and Interactive Media

No doubt you are an avid consumer of movies and television shows. As a film, television and interactive media student, you’ll also become an expert in how they’re made — and how they fit into a larger historical and cultural context.

Our program is inherently interdisciplinary, with diverse faculty from the humanities, social sciences, creative arts and computer science bringing a wide range of perspectives to an understanding of the moving image. Through this interdepartmental, multicultural lens, you’ll learn to analyze film style and content, film history and film production.

You’ll study cinema as both a form of storytelling and as an art, one that has its own “language” and conventions. You’ll gain exposure to the creative aspects of film production, including screenwriting, editing, interactive media, 3D animation, sound design and digital-media capture. You’ll master the theory and the practice of film and related media — and how they relate to the culture in which they’re produced.

Why Brandeis?

Rooted in an academically rigorous liberal arts environment, our flexible program makes room for your creativity and your area of interest while ensuring your digital and cinematic literacy. You’ll get hands-on experience using the best and latest equipment, including three-chip high-definition cameras. And Brandeis is home to state-of-the-art facilities such as the Wasserman Cinematheque and Getz Multimedia Lab, which has 20 editing stations with professional-level editing software.


Beyond the Classroom

Faculty and Student Excellence

Graduate Study, Careers and Alumni

“Brandeis let me explore my love for both science and film and encouraged me to pursue each one. Since graduating, I’ve been able to take this background and merge it into a career creating educational science videos.”

Alex Danis ’11