Doctorate in History (PhD)

Our PhD program offers opportunities for students to study many areas of world history, building on the department's special strengths in American and European history. Students take a mix of thematic seminars covering broad historical questions as well as colloquia providing intensive study of regional and national histories.

Students also engage in primary-source research from the time they arrive on campus, working independently with the help of faculty advisers.

All students admitted to the PhD program receive tuition waivers and fellowships renewable for a total of five years. After the first year, students will begin an apprenticeship in college teaching, receive formal training in pedagogy and work closely with faculty mentors.

After four semesters of preparation as a teaching fellow, students will also have the chance to create and teach their own courses. Students will teach for only five of their 10 semesters of fellowship, with assignments matched as closely as possible to their own professional objectives.

Why Earn a PhD in History?

Why Brandeis?

It is certainly possible to earn a PhD at many fine institutions, but there are compelling reasons why you should consider studying at Brandeis:


Admission is by vote of the Executive Committee. The deadline for a completed doctoral application to the History program is Jan. 15.

To apply, visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website and complete an electronic application. The application requires a writing sample, transcripts, letters of recommendation, Graduate Record Examination scores and a personal statement.