Academic Training

Academic Training Online Application

The total amount of AT depends on the duration of time spent as a full time student. If you are enrolled as a degree candidate, you are eligible for 18 months of AT. 

However, doctoral students may be eligible for 36 months of AT with the successful completion of the Ph.D. 

Exchange students may be eligible for the AT based on the number of months that they participated as a full time student at Brandeis. For example, a fall-semester exchange is eligible for 3.5 months of Academic Training.

In counting months of authorization, part-time Academic Training counts the same as full-time.

Academic Training is date specific and employer specific. You must have a job offer in order to apply for AT. If you decide to extend your employment, you must receive new authorization for AT from the ISSO before the current authorization has expired. If you decide to change employers, you must also obtain a new authorization. Both situations would require that you follow the same process as your initial authorization. If you fail to obtain proper authorization, you will violate your student status.

Please note: You may not begin your academic training until the ISSO has given you written authorization. Working improperly or without authorization is a serious violation of your J-1 status and would result in the loss of benefits normally granted to J-1 students.

Please review the Academic (AT) Training FAQs for a detailed overview of AT rules and application procedures.

Any J-1 student interested in pursuing AT is encouraged to contact the ISSO and schedule an appointment with their ISSO Advisor to discuss AT rules and application procedures.