Brandeis students in Merida Summer 2022 cohort on excursion in Cuba

Students on the Brandeis in Mérida program on excursion to Havana, Cuba

2023 Global Fellows

Global Fellows at the International Candy Tasting event for I Am Global Week

Brandeis students working in the studio on Brandeis in Siena Summer 2022

Brandeis students working in the studio on the Brandeis in Siena program

Students in traditional dress for the Global Bazaar

Students in traditional dress at the Global Bazaar celebrating I Am Global Week

A University of the World

Creating knowledge and action across borders is more important than ever, and Brandeis is responding by broadening and deepening its global initiatives.

Developing international partnerships — between faculty and students, between students and alumni, and between Brandeis and other universities, governments and NGOs — is key to this effort.

A Social Concern

Brandeis University's values have fueled its drive to create and sustain global partnerships. The search for social justice — broadly defined — is an integral part of our approach, as is skepticism about conventional wisdom. Brandeis has a commitment to issues of sustainable development, often using the bridges of arts and culture. And the university's ties to the Jewish community fortify its emphasis on interdependence and collective thought and action.

Think. Experience. Act.

Global Brandeis also emphasizes the interconnectivity of theory and practice. Our global engagement is a process, one in which experiential learning and classroom-based learning are mutually dependent. We also seek engagement with partners abroad in ethical and responsible ways, allowing for the give-and-take of ideas across time zones and borders.