International Scholars and Staff

The ISSO Scholar Team provides a wide array of services to academic departments and international professors, researchers, and visiting scholars coming to Brandeis.
Services and programs include:
  • One-on-one advising for scholars on various status maintenance issues such as employment, international travel, dependents, extension of stay, as well as referrals for community resources
  • Advising for departments on appropriate non-immigrant statuses for prospective international hires and visitors
  • Orientation programs for all incoming international scholars
  • Educational, cultural, and social programming for scholars and their family members to help adjust to living in the U.S.
Please email us at if you have any questions. The ISSO is thrilled to have international scholars and staff as part of the Brandeis community!

Steps to Begin Your Employment at Brandeis

Step 1: Receive an appointment letter

You will receive an official appointment letter after you are hired by Brandeis University. The ISSO will be automatically notified once the letter is issued.

Step 2: Fill out the Scholar Application Form

The ISSO will reach out to you to fill out an application form after the appointment letter was issued to you.

Step 3: Wait for further instructions from the ISSO

The information provided by the ISSO pertains only to international scholars and department administrators at Brandeis University, as it reflects both immigration regulation and university policy.

This information is not meant as a guide for international scholars, staff, and department administrators at other institutions.

Please note, in some instances, our scholars may face circumstances that require the attention of an immigration specialist with qualifications beyond the purview of the ISSO. Scholars who need a referral to qualified legal resources for such circumstances should contact the ISSO.

Human Resources has specific guidelines for individuals who contemplate working outside the U.S.