Temporary Housing

If you do not have housing arranged before you arrive, there are several options for temporary housing while you look for an apartment.


There are several hotels that are relatively close to campus.

Apartment Resources

Another housing alternative is a company called Apartment Resources. They offer short-term and long-term leases for furnished studio apartments. Short-term leases require a minimum of a one-week stay, while long-term leases require a stay of one month or more.

Hostels and Other Accommodations

The most economical temporary housing would be to make a reservation at a hostel or the YMCA. Hostels are located in Boston and its surrounding towns, but the majority of them are near public transportation, which makes it convenient to get to campus.


Please take a look at the resources below for on and off campus housing for Brandeis undergraduate and graduate students.

On Campus Housing for Undergraduate Students - Department of Community Living


Off Campus Housing - Department of Community Living


Housing for Graduate Students - Graduate Student Affairs