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Sample Project Proposals

Below are a few successful project proposals undertaken by individuals who received one of the Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowships. 

These sample proposals do not indicate any preference on the part of the selection committee with respect to the nature of the project or the country or countries within which the project was undertaken.

All files are pdfs and can be read with Adobe Reader.


French Wickerwork: The Loss of an Ancient Tradition

Journey to discover South Korea's living history

Architectural Study in Kiev, Ukraine

The Asian Diaspora in Latin America: Asians in the Andes

Experimental Video Project

Exploring Ghanaian Rituals and Funeral Practices

Home Alone: New York to Veracruz

House Secrets: Industrial Tales in the World's Most Contaminated Cities

A Study of the Methods and Traditions of Tsutsumi: The Concept of Japanese Packaging