Mortimer Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowship

Recipients and Projects


Duomi Chen
Brandeis University '22

Art historical research in historical houses across England focusing on "Chinoiserie" wall hangings from the mid to late eighteenth century.

Sonia Kahn
Columbia University '23

Travel to Riga to shoot a documentary film on the USSR’s occupation of Latvia, focusing upon the 50 years of cultural censorship and the subculture of avant-garde filmmaking.

Wendy Yu
Harvard University  '22

Survey of demolition methods across China’s Hangzhou Bay area with a focus on non-technical documentation (field research consisting largely of photos and interviews capturing the psychological and spatial affect of demolition).


Seiji Murakami '23
Columbia University
Study the techniques of traditional Japanese papermaking through an apprenticeship in Saitama prefecture and subsequent research in Echizen, one of the few remaining papermaking towns in Japan.

Sandra Rocha '22
Yale University
Documentation in Mexico of grass weaving and pottery of the Purhepecha people using photographs and videos to create an instructional guide for the diaspora.

(A third recipient wishes to remain anonymous.)


Bianca Dominguez '22
Columbia University
Research in Ecuador and Peru on indigenous methodologies of art making and shamanic practices with subsequent travel to Mexico to complete the production of a series of "toolboxes" containing artist books and objects for ritualistic practices.

Meher Hans '21
Yale University
Production in London and New Delhi of an experimental documentary film about the relationship between built environments and colonialism, focusing on the architectures of the British Raj.

Justin Kim '19
Wesleyan University
Research in South Korea on the underground independent film production and culture birthed during the pro-democratic minjung movement of the 1990s, culminating in the production of a digital documentary series.s to create an instructional guide for the diaspora.


Thomas Gurin '18
Yale University
Research and documentation of modern and historical bellfounding methods in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, and creation of a series of public sound art pieces for carillon towers.

Mohar Kalra '21
Columbia University
Production of six interactive electronic installations adapting Estonian cultural environmentalism, to take place at the Maajaaman art project space in southern Estonia and at the University of Tartu, along with research on Maausk pagan traditions.

Mia Vasquez '20
City College of New York/CUNY
Completion of an ongoing series of documentary photographs about her father, who was deported twice from the United States to the Dominican Republic, as well as about issues of race, sex and class in Santo Domingo.


Because of international travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, no awards were given in 2020-21.