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WGBH highlights Brandeis event with Indian musician Shubha Mudgal

Shubha Mudgal
This fall one of the most well known performers of the new generation of Hindustani musicians came to Brandeis as part of the MusicUnitesUS: World Music Concert Series.

The four-day residency with Shubha Mudgal offered a series of open classes, discussions, film and concerts, exploring the many facets of Mudgal’s work and commitments, ranging from South Asian poetics and spirituality to Indian cinema, pop music and the Internet.

Watch video or download audio from one of the residency events with Mudgal on the WGBH Forum Network. (RealPlayer is required to view video.)

BrandeisNOW also had the chance to speak with the classical Indian musician during her visit. Watch the video here.

Photo Credit: Deepa Parekh 

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