If you have questions or concerns about controlled substances used in research at Brandeis, please contact:

Paul O'Keefe

(781) 736-2120
(781) 736-2123 fax

University Policies

Brandeis University policies regarding the use of controlled substances on campus by researchers are as follows:

  1. Principal investigators (PI) who wish to use a controlled substance in research must contact the controlled substances office.

    The office will assist each PI through the process of obtaining the appropriate registrations and licenses for possession of controlled substances and will help ensure sure that all applicable laws, regulations and policies are followed.
  2. Ultimate responsibility for the proper use and documentation of controlled substances lies with the license holder.
  3. All license holders and authorized users must complete Brandeis University's Controlled Substance Training before access to controlled substances will be granted.
  4. Those who wish to become authorized users of controlled substances under a license holder must complete the Authorized User Application Form and submit it to the controlled substance office for review.

    Once an application has been approved notification will be sent to the license holder. The authorized user must be added to the Authorized User Log in the Controlled Substances Notebook before the authorized user may have access to controlled substances. 

    Authorized Users must be over 21 years of age.
  5. Each license holder must keep a perpetual log for each controlled substance.
  6. The Controlled Substances Office will conduct an inventory of all labs in possession of controlled substances on a semi-annual basis, usually in coordination with the IACUC semi-annual review.
  7. All requests for controlled substance purchases must be made through procurement services.  Controlled substances may not be ordered on a p-card.