Controlled Substances

The use of drugs in research is tightly controlled by specific laws and regulations of the U.S. government and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and by policies and procedures established by Brandeis University.

Oversight and enforcement of these laws, regulations and policies is carried out by the Drug Enforcement Administration for the federal government, the Drug Control Program for the state and the Controlled Substances Office for the university. Although the drugs used by Brandeis investigators are generally restricted to anesthetics and analgesics, they are nevertheless substances whose purchase, use and disposal require strict security measures and detailed record keeping.

To ensure the use of controlled substances in a safe and appropriate manner, the Controlled Substances Office assists investigators in the purchase of these drugs, advises laboratories on requirements for storage, disposal, and overall accounting, and trains all researchers prior to their work with these substances.


Every Principal Investigator wishing to use controlled substances, and each Authorized User/Trainee must complete training covering the purchase, use, record keeping and disposal of controlled substances with a member of the Office of Controlled Substances before access to these drugs or chemicals is given. Please contact the office at 781-736-8126 or to schedule a training session.