President Ronald D. Liebowitz

“This is a time when the world needs more than ever the intellectual energy this university has always embodied.” — Ron Liebowitz

Dear Members of the Brandeis Community,

I am honored to be the president of Brandeis University.

It is easy to forget that Brandeis is a young university, founded in 1948. Despite its relative youth, Brandeis has grown to become one of the most important and consequential research universities in the United States, having excelled early on across the curriculum. We boast many illustrious alumni and a distinguished faculty. As we look to the future, we must celebrate and draw upon our rich, if comparatively brief, history.

Brandeis was founded by the American Jewish community as a nonsectarian institution, rooted in Jewish tradition and values. It was established, simultaneously with the founding of the state of Israel, to counter the anti-Semitism that denied Jewish students, despite their proven academic excellence, access to the finest American universities. I have great admiration for this unique founding. The best way to honor it is to ensure that Brandeis evolves to meet the imperatives of each new generation while remaining true to its Jewish roots.

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