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Course Offerings

To view the complete descriptions of the courses that satisfy the requirements for the European Cultural Studies major, please visit the University Bulletin. To view ECS-related courses being offered during the Spring 2016 semester, see below or visit the Schedule of Classes on the University Registrar's website.

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Spring 2016 Comparative Literature Seminars

COML 100A: Introduction to Global Literature

ENG 78B: Modernism, Atheism, God

HUM 10A: The Western Canon

POL 194A: Politics and the Novel

Spring 2016 Courses in European Literature

CLAS 166A: Medieval Literature: A Millennium of God, Sex, and Death

ENG 1A: Introduction to Literary Studies

ENG 45B: Romanticism: Gods, Nature, Loneliness, Dreams

ENG 78B: Modernism, Atheism, God

ENG 80B: The Tale

ENG 173A: Spenser and Milton

FREN 111A: The Republic

GER 103A: German Culture Through Film

GER 120B: Deutsche Mäerchen

HIST 170A: Italian Films, Italian Histories

ITAL 120B: Modern Italian Literature

PHIL 177B: Simone Weil

POL 194A: Politics and the Novel

RECS 146A: Creative Genius: The Case of Dostoevsky

RUS 153A: Advanced Russian Language through 19th Century Literature

Spring 2016 ECS Related Electives

ANTH 127A: Medicine, Body, and Culture

ANTH 139B: Language, Ethnicity, and Nationalism

CLAS 133A: The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Greece

CLAS 150B: Pompeii: Life in the Shadow of Vesuvius

FA 30B: History of Art II: From the Renaissance to the Modern Age

FA 45B: Art of the Early Renaissance in Italy

FA 47B: Renaissance Art in Northern Europe

FA 192A: Studies in Modern and Contemporary Art

FA 193A: Studies in Modern and Contemporary Architecture

FILM 100A: Introduction to the Moving Image

HIST 126A: Early Modern Europe (1500-1700)

HIST 133B: Rights and Revolutions: History of Natural Rights

LING 130A: Formal Semantics: Truth, Meaning, and Language

LING 140A: Architecture of Conversation: Discourse and Pragmatics

LING 190B: Topics in Linguistics

MUS 2A: The Western Tradition as Seen through Chamber Music

MUS 45A: Beethoven

NEJS 110B: Readings in the Hebrew Bible

NEJS 128A: Introduction to Christianity

NEJS 133A: Art, Artifacts, and History: The Material Culture of Modern Jews

NEJS 137A: The Destruction of European Jewry

NEJS 140B: Early Modern Jewish History

NEJS 154A: World Without God: Theories of Secularization

NEJS 181B: Film and the Holocaust

NEJS 186A: Introduction to the Qur'an

PHIL 1A: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 107B: Kant's Moral Theory

PHIL 110A: Meaning in Life and Why It Matters

PHIL 118A: War and Morality

PHIL 131A: Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 144A: Philosophical Problems of Space and Time

PHIL 170A: Special Topics in History of Philosophy

PHIL 177B: Simone Weil

PHIL 181A: Gazing into the Abyss: Schopenhauer and Nietzsche

POL 187B: Conservative Political Thought

POL 194A: Politics and the Novel

SOC 129A: Sociology of Religion

SOC 138A: Sociology of Race, Gender, and Class

SOC 141A: Marx and Freud

THA 102B: Shakespeare: On Stage and Screen