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Course Offerings

To view the complete descriptions of the courses that satisfy the requirements for the European Cultural Studies major, please visit the University Bulletin. To view ECS-related courses being offered during the Fall 2015 semester, see below or visit the Schedule of Classes on the University Registrar's website.

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Fall 2015 Courses in European Literature

CLAS 151A: Greece, Rome, Myth, and the Movies

CLAS 170A: Classical Mythology

ENG 1A: Introduction to Literary Studies

ENG 33A: Shakespeare

ENG 152B: Arthurian Literature

FREN 110A: Cultural Representations

GECS 167A: German Cinema: From Berlin and London to Hollywood

GER 109B: Meisterwerke Deutscher Kurzprosa

HISP 110A: Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Literature: Gender, Class, Religion, Power

HISP 120B: Don Quijote

HIST 192B: Romantic and Existentialist Political Thought

ITAL 106A: Advanced Italian through Narrative, Film,and Other Media

ITAL 110A: Introduction to Italian Literature

PHIL 146A: Idea of God

RECS 135A: The Short Story in Russia

RECS 147B: Tolstoy: Freedom, Chance, and Necessity

RECS 154A: The Art of Vladimir Nabokov

Fall 2015 ECS Related Electives

ANTH 144A: The Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 156A: Power and Violence: The Anthropology of Political Systems

ANTH 186B: Linguistic Anthropology

CLAS 115B: Topics in Greek and Roman History

ENG 131A: Comedy: Literature, Film, and Theory

FA 30A: History of Art I: From Antiquity to the Middle Ages

FA 80A: Modern Architecture

FA 149A: The Age of Rubens and Rembrandt

FA 155A: Impressionism: Avant-Garde Rebellion in Context

FA 199A: Methods and Approaches in the History of Art

HIST 110A: The Civilization of the Early Middle Ages

HIST 123A: The Renaissance

HIST 133A: Politics of the Enlightenment

HIST 137B: World War I

HIST 140A: A History of Fashion in Europe

HOID 102B: Knowledge and Power

LING 120B: Syntactic Theory

LING 190B: Topics in Linguistics

MUS 1A: Exploring Western Music

NEJS 112A: The Book of Genesis

NEJS 130A: The New Testament: A Historical Introduction

NEJS 133A: Art, Artifacts, and History: The Material Culture of Modern Jews

NEJS 141A: Russian Jews in the Twentieth Century

NEJS 148B: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews and Christians: Sources and Interpretations

PHIL 1A: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 13B: The Idea of the Market: Economic Philosophies

PHIL 17A: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 24A: Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 37A: Philosophy of Language

PHIL 78A: Existentialism

PHIL 109B: Ethics and Emotions

PHIL 114B: Topics in Ethical Theory

PHIL 119A: Human Rights

PHIL 134B: Philosophy of Perception

PHIL 136A: Personal Identity

PHIL 146A: Idea of God

PHIL 161A: Plato

PHIL 168A: Kant

SOC 169B: Issues in Sexuality

SOC 189A: Sociology of Body and Health

WMGS 5A: Women, Genders, and Sexualities