Many of the critical dilemmas that threaten our world today, such as  global climate change, challenges and conflict over shrinking natural resources, human health effects from toxic exposures, have environmental underpinnings. Addressing these problems requires a truly interdisciplinary approach, calling upon understanding and tools from across the university. Environmental studies prepares students to tackle these issues through rigorous coursework in the natural and social sciences, including economics, law, policy, history, ecology and physical sciences.

We emphasize hands-on learning through field-based courses. Students work directly with community partners to address current issues facing local communities, and are placed in individually tailored internships where they work alongside environmental professionals. Students also master research, report writing, oral communication, advocacy, geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, website development and problem-solving skills. Many students undertake field studies abroad with our partner programs, and/or participate in our signature immersive, integrated semester programs,  the Environmental Field Semester and the Environmental Health and Justice  program.

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FALL 2016:
AMST 191b — Greening the Ivory Tower: Improving Environmental Sustainability of Brandeis and Community
oc, ss; 6-credit course
Wednesdays 2:00-4:50pm & Mondays 3:30-4:50pm
Professor Goldin
Get active, involved, and out of the classroom with this class! In this hands-on, field-based experiential learning course we focus on the human impact on the world's natural resources, and explore strategies for creating healthy, resilient, environmentally sustainable communities in the face of increasingly daunting environmental challenges. Students also create projects to lighten the environmental impact of Brandeis and the local community. 
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SUMMER 2016:
LGLS 132b — Environmental Law and Policy
oc, ss, wi
Summer Session II: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 6:30–8:50pm
This course will provide students with an understanding of complex environmental issues from a policy perspective.  We begin by considering the broad origins of environmentalismin the U.S and then focus on federal and some state and international treaties and policies. We’ll survey major environmental laws, environmental justice, risk and recent cross-cutting issues. Finally, we’ll discuss current environmental issues ripped from the headlines, like fracking, lead in drinking water as in Flint, Michigan, and the Paris Climate Change Agreement.
Primary Reading: Environmental Policy from the 1970s to the 21st Century, M.E. Kraft and N. J. Vig, 2010, CEQ Press, Environmental Law and Policy 4th Ed, Salzman and Thompson,2010, Foundation Press.

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The Environmental Studies Program stands in solidarity with the students of ‪#‎FordHall2015‬ in calling on the university to fulfill its commitments to social justice and inclusion. We are grateful to the students for inspiring dialogue and pushing for concrete changes. We look forward to participating as members of the campus community in the imaginative work of creating new tools and conversations to address these problems. We call upon the senior administration and the Board of Trustees to take concrete steps toward transforming Brandeis into a fully inclusive university.