Spring 2018 Information: Professor Laura Goldin is on leave spring term 2018. In her absence, Professor Brian Donahue will serve as advising head – you may approach him with any advising questions.

If you are thinking about study abroad, Prof. Colleen Hitchcock is serving as our study abroad liaison this term.

Core Faculty

Dan Perlman (Chair, Environmental Studies)
Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies
Expertise: Ecology, conservation biology, and animal behavior. Pedagogical methods and innovations.

Brian Donahue
Associate Professor of American Environmental Studies (on the Jack Meyerhoff Fund)
Expertise: American environmental studies, New England farm and forest history, sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry, land conservation

Laura Goldin (Internship Director, Advising Head, and Study Abroad Liaison) - On leave Fall 2018
Professor of the Practice and Internship Director for the Environmental Studies Program
Expertise: Environmental justice, environmental law and policy, environmental sustainability

Colleen Hitchcock
Assistant Professor of Ecology
Expertise: Ecology, conservation biology and citizen science

Collaborating Adjunct Faculty

Charles Chester
Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Expertise: International environmental policy, transborder conservation

Dwight Peavey
Scholar-in-Residence in Chemistry and in Environmental Studies
Expertise: Toxics, emerging chemical of concern, persistent bioaccumulative toxics, pollution prevention, green chemistry, sustainability

Associated Faculty

Linda Bui
Associate Professor of Economics
Expertise: Environmental economics, industrial organization, public economics

Joshua Ellsworth
Expertise: Project planning and implementation, theory of change, payment for environmental services (PES) and other environmental economic incentive programs, sustainable agriculture, dynamics of forest disturbance, forest and watershed management and restoration, invasive species prevention and control

Elizabeth Ferry
Professor of Anthropology
Expertise: Economic anthropology, mining and resources, anthropology of finance, materiality

Caren Irr
Professor of English
Expertise: Contemporary literature, film and media studies, global studies, environmental studies, social/political theory

Ravi Lakshmikanthan
Expertise: Use of geographic information systems (GIS) in international development projects, certified GIS professional (GISP)

Sarah Lamb
Professor of Anthropology
Expertise: Social-cultural theory, anthropology of aging, gender and sexuality, person and self, medical anthropology, immigrant and transnational communities, understandings of modernity, South Asia, South Asian Americans, US cultural-historical practices of aging

Nidhiya Menon
Associate Professor of Economics
Expertise: Empirical microeconomics, economic development, econometrics, economic demography and labor

Kate Moran
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Research Interests: Immanuel Kant, moral philosophy, history of philosophy

James Morris
Professor of Biology
Expertise: Evolution, genetics, and biology education

Eric Olson
Senior Lecturer in Biology and the Heller School

Sara Shostak
Associate Professor of Sociology
Expertise: Sociology of health and illness, science and technology studies, environmental sociology, research methods

Carmen Sirianni
Morris Hillquit Professor of Labor and Social Thought
Expertise: Civic innovation, public policy for democracy, political sociology, environmental organizations, sustainable cities, public administration, employee participation

Jerome Tharaud
Assistant Professor of English
Expertise: Early American and 19th-century U.S. literature and culture, American religious history, print culture and media, art history and visual culture, geography and literature, cultural and environmental history of the American landscape, the American West

Associated Adjunct Faculty

Joseph Allen
Adjunct Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies

Matt Fragala
Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Ted Myatt
Lecturer in Environmental Studies

James Stewart
Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies