Upcoming Opportunities

We are currently seeking an intern for the summer of 2010. Please contact Emily Silver for more information.

Project Alumni


Jessica Nu '09, Senior Project, Spring 2009

Jessica completed a senior project that focused on how the hemlock woolly adelgid affected eastern hemlock stands in Weston Massachusetts.  She executed preliminary research on the biology of the HWA, the origins of the invasive species in the United States and its impact on the East Coast over time, and the advantages and disadvantages of various forest treatment methods. In conjunction with this, she helped survey the health of the Weston hemlock stands in order to select trees that would be treated with a chemical insecticide, imidalocloprid. Jessica's work was the foundation for our Hemlock project. Jessica is currently a research technician at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center doing work for a pediatric nephrologist in an effort to learn more about the medical field and pursue a degree in naturopathic medicine.

Audrey P. Lamb '11, Intern, Summer 2009

Audrey assisted with the Highland and Nolte forest inventories. She also helped treat over 400 Hemlock trees in the forests of Weston for our Hemlock research project. Audrey completed an essay for her internship and will be continuing her SEP work with the Environmental Field Semester in the fall of 2010.

Perri D. Erlitz '09, Senior Project, Fall 2009

Perri completed a senior project on education and stewardship in the Highland Street forest. She assisted with the establishment of 22 long-term measurement plots in Weston's Hemlock stands. She also helped plan the curriculum and implement two days of educational programming with Weston High School's biology classes. Perri works for the New York Restoration Project in New York City.