Teaching-Affiliated Faculty

Kate Moran is the Director of HOID for 2017-2018

Jennifer Marušić, Undergraduate Advising Head for HOID, was just awarded tenure!

Spring 2018 Core Seminars

Eugene R Sheppard


Childs, Greg
Assistant Professor of History
Expertise: African Diaspora Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History, Critical Theories (Race, Social, Legal), History of Psychiatry, Alterity and Difference, Philosophy of History and Historiography, Atlantic World History, Graffiti and Hip Hop Studies.

Christensen, Joel
Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Expertise: Ancient Greek Language and Literature, from Archaic through Roman Imperial Periods.

Engerman, David
Professor of History
Expertise: History of American foreign policy. American intellectual and cultural history. International history and American history in transnational contexts.

Faure-Bellaiche, Clémentine
Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Expertise: Modern & Contemporary French & Francophone Culture; Religion & Literary Modernity; History & Theory of The Novel; Vision & Visual Culture in 19th-20th century France.

Gaskins, Richard
Proskauer Chair in Law and Social Welfare
Expertise: American legal culture. Legal rhetoric. Environmental policy. Law, social policy and philosophy.

Irr, Caren (on leave 2017-2018)
Professor of English
Expertise: U.S. literature and culture since 1900. Theory. Media studies.

Koh, Andrew
Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
Expertise: Greek art & archaeology, Aegean prehistory, Bronze & Iron Age Mediterranean, archaeological & conservation science, GIS & digital applications in archaeology, cultural heritage & ethnoarchaeology of Crete, Silk Road, ancient craftsmanship & commodities, cultural hybridity.

Lenowitz, Jeffrey, Assistant Professor of Politics
Expertise: Political theory. History of political thought. Legal philosophy. Constitutional theory and design.

Marusic, Jennifer (Undergraduate Advising Head)
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Expertise: History of Modern Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Logic.

Miller, Robin Feuer
Edytha Macy Gross Professor of Humanities
Expertise: The novel in Russia and Europe of the 19th century. The short story in Russia. The literature of childhood.

Moran, Kathleen (Director for 2017-2018)
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Expertise: Ethics/moral philosophy; Kant.

Plotz, John
Professor of English
Expertise: Victorian literature, the novel, politics and aesthetics.

Powelstock, David
Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature
Expertise: Modern Russian literature, modern Czech literature, Russian and Czech languages, comparative literature, literary theory, translation studies.

Rosenberger, Chandler
Assistant Professor of International and Global Studies and Sociology
Expertise: Comparative Politics, Nationalism, Sociology of Religion

Sheppard, Eugene
Associate Professor of Modern Jewish History and Thought
Expertise: Research is in modern Jewish intellectual history with a special interest in modern German Jewish thought, and the impact of European Jewish refugees on the American public sphere and academy.

Sherman, David
Associate Professor of English
Expertise: Modernism, Contemporary British, Narrative Theory, Continental Philosophy, Elegy, Trauma and Witnessing.

Strand, Michael
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Expertise: Social Theory, Philosophy of Social Science, Culture, Morality, Knowledge, Historical Methods, Economic Sociology.

Vayntrub, Jacqueline Eliza
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Expertise: Hebrew Bible, wisdom literature, biblical poetry and poetics, philology, and the history of biblical scholarship.

Yack, Bernard
Lerman Neubauer Professor of Democracy and Public Policy
Expertise: Political theory. History of political thought. Nationalism. Cultural pluralism.

Wang, Pu
Helaine and Alvin Allen Chair in Literature
Departments/Programs: Comparative Literature and Culture; East Asian Studies; German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature
Expertise: Modern Chinese literature and culture in comparative frameworks; critical theory and translation studies; cultural Marxism; aesthetic modernity in the 19th and 20th centuries; intellectual history of China; comparative poetics.