Fall 2014




Life After Brandeis: Landing That First Job

7 March 2013, 5:00pm, Mandel Center Reading Room

How can you find the right first job?What are employers really looking for? What do firms like about IGS and Politics grads? What should you be highlighting in letters and interviews? Does anyone actually use Linked-In?

Come and get answers from recent IGS and Politics grads. 

Featured Speakers:

Andrea Dine, Director HIATT Career Center

Yuli Almozlino, '11, Abt Associates

Scott Evans, '12, Research Analyst at ARC Advisory Group 

Beyond Nuremberg: The Future of International Criminal Justice

30 January 2013, 5:30pm, International Lounge, Usdan

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, Permanent Representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United Nations, will deliver a Distinguished Lecture in International Justice and Human Rights. He will reflect on the development of international criminal justice since Nuremberg and the seeming challenge faced by tribunals in leading those convicted of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes to acknowledge and repent of their crimes. The event will be moderated by Donald Ferencz of the Planethood Foundation.

Co-sponsored by: IGS, Legal Studies and Peace, Conflict & Coexistence Departments, and the Heller School’s Coexistence and Conflict Program.

FALL 2012

An IGS Conversation - The New Global Cities: Poverty, Opportunity and Improvised Urban Lives

7 November 2012, 7pm, Mandel Center Reading Room

Is the future of the world’s global cities being created on their margins? Are city dwellers creating new and spontaneously ordered social worlds? Can informal urban networks replace formal government?

Our IGS Conversation addresses these questions and features Dr. Moises Lino e Silva, Postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and two IGS Seniors – Shinhye Oh and Tripti Singh. 

Film Screening - Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry
Followed by Q&A with director Alyson Klayman

1 November 2012, 7pm, Wasserman Cinematheque, Sachar International Center

The documentary follows artist and activist Ai Weiwei as he prepares for a series of exhibitions and gets into an increasing number of clashes with the Chinese government.

Co-sponsored by: IGS, the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Politics and the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life.  

Film Screening - Jai Bhim Comrade
Followed by Q&A with Indian filmmaker Anand Patwardhan

4 October, 2012, 7pm, Shapiro Campus Center Theater

India's Dalit (oppressed) castes were abhorred as "untouchables."
This film, shot over fourteen years, follows the protest music of Maharashtra's Dalits.

 Co-sponsored by: IGS, PAX, COEX, Brandeis India Initiative, Sociology, SJSP, South Asian Studies, Anthropology and Sarita Bhalotra

China in 2012: What Next?

17 April, 2012, 5pm, Rapaporte Treasure Hall, Goldfarb Library

The Chinese Communist Party is facing its greatest upheaval since the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.  Just as the Party is trying to smooth the way for appointment of a new leader, one of its rising stars, Bo Xilai, has been ousted as chief of Chongqing, China’s biggest metropolis.  Bo’s wife is even under arrest for suspected involvement in the murder of a British businessman.

The infighting surrounding Bo’s dismissal is rocking China. To help the Brandeis community understand the monumental struggles going on behind Beijing’s closed doors, the International and Global Studies program welcomes Dr. Cheng Li, director of China research at the Brookings Institution and prolific author on Chinese politics.

An IGS Conversation: Creative Careers in Global Media, Arts, and Philanthropy

4 April, 2012, 7pm, Mandel Center Reading Room 

In a tough job market we are all wondering: what can a college graduate do with a liberal arts degree?  And yet it turns out that companies and organization like liberal arts graduates – especially those with international experience.  A broad education seems to encourage employees to make the creative leaps that drive innovation.

So for our final IGS Conversation we ask: how can studying literature, history, art, politics, and foreign languages help you to launch a career, make your mark – maybe even change the world?

Our featured guest speaker is Michelle Young—blogger, philanthropist, and new media CEO. 

Success in IGS!

Interning with the State Department, major TV stations and the British parliament…researching the environment in China and Madagascar…aiding refugees from the North Korea and war-torn Libya… IGS students are doing this and more.

How can you join them?  Come enjoy some afternoon desserts, music and share ideas about:

  • The best class for Fall 2012 (see syllabi of new IGS classes and talk to professors)
  • The best study abroad programs
  • Great chances to write – with student publications like The Brandeis International Journal andWander and blogs, your own and ours.
  • Starting your own “IGS Conversation” – get us to invite your favorite speakers
  • Top internships and funding for research and grad school

An IGS Conversation: The Challenges of Global Migration

15 February, 2012, 7pm, Mandel Center Reading Room 

Why are so many of the world’s peoples on the move?  What awaits them when they arrive?  How can North Africans migrating to Europe cross divides of wealth, religion, and culture?

Four Brandeis seniors from the IGS Department will be sharing their conclusions on these and other challenges of migration, drawing from their own research and first-hand experience with migrant communities while studying abroad.

An IGS Conversation: Green Growth: Environmentally Smart Economic Development

 16 November, 2011, 7pm, Mandel Center Reading Room

 Do we have to choose between the economy and the environment? Do emerging countries have to destroy their  environments to thrive? What if you could have “green growth?” What if you could eliminate the carbon emissions  of 400,000 cars, cut a developing country’s international debt and, in the same deal, shift the economy toward  more efficient agriculture?

 It’s not fantasy. It’s forests. Fifteen percent of the world’s carbon emissions come from deforestation – more than all the world’s cars, airplanes and trains combined. Cut deforestation and you cut greenhouses gases – with minimal effect on economic growth.

Join speaker Greg Fishbein of The Nature Conservancy who has arranged similar packages for Brazil, Costa Rica and is working on similar deals in Mexico and China.

An IGS Conversation: The International Debt Crisis

26 October, 2011, 7pm, Mandel Center Reading Room

Are the United States and Europe bankrupt?  What can be done about the international debt crisis?  What happens if the European Union can’t bail out Greece – or Italy, or Spain?  As the world economy teeters, should governments be cutting back or spending much more?  And what effect does fear itself have over faltering economies of the West?

Mr. Kent Lucken, a managing director with Citigroup, will join us for this conversation.  As an international banker Mr. Lucken has extensive experience in global finance but he also knows European politics well.  In his past career as a U.S.diplomat Mr. Lucken served in several embassies in Europe and is familiar with the roots of the continent’s economic crisis.