Gateway Course
  • IGS 10a (Introduction to International and Global Studies)

Students should take the gateway introductory survey course during their first or second year; this course provides a systematic introduction to the key issues of contemporary global change, provides an overview of three distributional categories (from which the student will select their elective courses), and gives an orientation to the options for international internships and study abroad.

Core Courses
  • ANTH 1a (Introduction to the Comparative Study of Human Societies)

  • IGS 8a (Economic Principles and Globalization) or Econ 28b (The Global Economy)

  • POL 15a (Introduction to International Relations)

Ideally, students should complete these core courses by the end of their sophomore year.


After a set of four core courses, students select elective courses that broaden their knowledge of the physical, institutional and expressive dimensions of our global world.

  • Governance, Conflict and Responsibility
  • Media, Culture, and The Arts
  • Economy, Health, and Environment
  • Global Issues

Course Descriptions