Importance of the Program
For Majors and Minors
Prizes and Awards

Importance of the Program

Economic, political and cultural relations between the Americas and the growing importance of the Latino presence in the United States have made Latin American and Latino Studies a crucial field of inquiry for numerous disciplines. > more


For Majors and Minors

Undergraduates may either major or minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. Both programs offer an interdisciplinary approach to understanding Mexico, South America, the Caribbean and the Latin American diaspora in the United States. > more


Prizes and Awards

The Latin American and Latino Studies Program presents an annual prize for best undergraduate paper, a photography prize, and awards travel grants to both undergraduate and graduate students to conduct research in the field. > more


Latin American and Latino Studies Program News


The 2018 Boston Latino International Film Festival will be co-hosted by Brandeis!
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LALS is accepting applications for  funding for Brandeis and/or community events related to Latin America, the Caribbean, or Latino communities and issues:

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Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity:
The Latin American and Latino Studies Program is committed to an inclusive and diverse definition of Latin@ and other identities.  We encourage students and professionals to contemplate the history and meanings of the terms Latin America and Latino and how they apply to areas ranging from Spanish America, the Caribbean, Brazil, and diasporic communities in the United States.  Click on the link to see a thoughtful discussion led by the New York Times: 

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The Latin American and Latino Studies Program sponsors outside speakers, concerts, films and student presentations to help keep the Brandeis community informed about issues that impact Latin America and the Latino diaspora in the United States.