Jane's Travel Grant Recipients

Year Recipient Project
2018 Jessica Leonard

“The Truth is in the Teeth: Exploring Spatial and Temporal Variability of Ancient Maya Diet in Northwestern, Belize ”

2018 Arlett Marquez

"Haiti and Dominican Republic: Divided by history, United by Everything Else”

2018 Max Seidita

“Economic Integration on the Fringes of Political Authority at Flores Magón, Chiapas, Mexico"

2018 Gabriel Sol Fontes

“The Madrina of Cuban Hip Hop: How an Exiled Black Nationalist Fostered the Havana Hip Hop Generation”

2018 George Van Kollias

"Preliminary Investigations at Lacanjá-Tzeltal, Chiapas, Mexico”

2018 Krysla Grothe

"Agricultural Technology Adoption and the Effects on Child Health Status in Bolivia”

2018 Raffi García

"Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association Annual Meetings in Buenos Aires, Argentina”

2018 Delande Justinvil

“Intermingled Identities: Discerning the Origins of Historical Belizean Remains"

2018 Angela Mendez and Meng Diao

“Borderlinks Educational Experience Program: Brandeis Multifaith Chaplaincy”

2017 Francesca Bragg

"Pisa Farmacéutica: Medical Design & Manufacturing in Guadalajara, Mexico”

2017 Aaron Goodwin

“Hearing the Changes: Afro-Cuban Jazz and Change in Cuban Society“ 

2017 Natalia González

“‘Books Break Boundaries’ in Cusco, Peru – Internship with IFRE Volunteers”

2017 Jessica Priestley

“Abetting ‘Illegality’: Navigating Competing Ethical Frameworks in Tijuana’s Nonprofit Communities”

2017 Max Seidita

“Archaeological Investigations at the Site of Piedras Negras, Guatemala“ 

2017 Joanna Spyra “Feminist Perspectives on the Body: The Case of Zwi Migdal in Argentina”
2017 Tiffany Nelson

“Advocacy for Women’s Rights and Equal Pay in Lima, Peru”

2017 Leah Goldman "Redefining Religion: Constructing Faith in Revolutionary Cuba”
2017 Ledia Erkou

"Investigating Transnational Examples of the Use of Clothing as a Disguise in Early Modern Literature and Art” 

2017 Ned Littlefield “How Does Police Deployment in Counterinsurgency Affect Subsequent Territorial Control?”
2017 Doron Shapir "Una isla en la isla”
2016 Alex Ashley

"Cuando vengan los americanos: Investigating US Influence on Domestic Small Businesses in Cuba”

2016 Cristina Oria-Loureiro

"Huari-Ancash Archaeological Field Project”

2016 Daniela Márquez

"Negotiating Blackness in the Space of Dominican Voudou”

2016 Kimberly Tellez

"San Antonio Villalongín: Lugar Donde los Pinos Besan el Cielo (La Contra-Historia Femenina)”

2015 Joy Brenner-Letich

"Huelga Schools: Pedagogy, Power, and Memory in the 'Chicano Freedom Schools'"

2015 Ryan Collins

"When X Marked the Spot: (Re) Making Place and Transforming Social Dynamics Over the Development of Yaxuná, Yucatan, Mexico 1000 BCE to 300 CE”

2015 Josh Freedline

"La Florida/Namman: Investigating a Locus of Politico-Economic Influence in the Classic Maya World”

2015 Sarah McCarty

"Considerations of Contemporary Art Practices: Mexico City in Context”

2015 Katherine Peterson

"Excavations at Ix Kuku’il under Amy Thompson’s project 'Understanding Ancient Maya (AD 250-900) Cultural Landscapes in Southern Belize through High-Resolution Geospatial Data'”

2015 Brontë Velez

"Remembering and Re-Membering: Afro-Boriqueña Identity, the Arts, and Finding the Last Taino Reina of Loiza, Puerto Rico”

2015 Adam Gamwell "First Steps onto The Farm and into the Laboratory: Making the Global Quinoa Market in the Age of Genetics and Gastronomy"
2015 Sabrina Libretti

“La sostenibilidad y efectividad de los voluntarios viajes medicinales a Latinoamérica”

2015 Brandeis Public Health Brigades "Upstream Public Health Interventions in Rural Honduras"
2014 Holly Doerflinger

"In the Shadows or Unafraid: Paradoxes of Undocumented Lives in the US"

2014 Kimberley Tellez "A Comparative Study Using Arts-Based Research: Documenting the Impact of Social Enterprises That Engage With Disenfranchised Communities in Sao Paulo, Brazil”
2014 Alex Bernstein "Privatization of Small Business in Cuba: How the Catholic Church is Helping Cubans Prepare for the Future"
2014 Brandeis Public Health Brigades "Improving Health Through Sustainability in Rural Honduras"
2014 Laurel Benoit "Tourism Growth in Small Island Developing States: Conflicts Between Tradition and Development in Grenada"
2014 Tomi Jaiyesimi

"Perceptions of Child Oral Health Among Latino Primary Caregivers"

2013 Ryan Collins

"Complex Foundations: Preliminary Research into Yaxuna's Preclassic E-Group Assemblage"

2013 Adam Gamwell

“From Mother Tongue to Pachamama: Summer Quechua Intensive in Cuzco, Peru”

2013 Mollie Kravitz "Latino Immigration Internship Project"
2013 Jemima Barrios "Tourism and Microfinance: Improving the Economic Conditions of Locals in Puerto Vallarta"
2012 Leah Smith

“Sex, Inequality and Babies: The Implications of Widespread Tubal Ligation in Brazil”

2012 Claire Clugston

“Livelihoods Strategies of Small Scale Dairy Producers in Los Altos de Jalisco, Mexico”

2012 Terrance Hall

“On the Border Within: Understanding the Touristic Segmentation of Tulum”

2012 Katharine Lukach

“Analysis of the Ceramic Type Collection at the Autonomous University of Yucatan”

2011 Elise Allan “Investigating Ventures to Improve Alimentation: Measuring the affectivity of projects to improve the health of Guatemala’s rural, indigenous poor”
2011 Bryce Davenport “Codices and Communities in the Mixteca Alta”
2011 Emily Gelfman “Modeling Pluralism, Modeling Discourse: The creation of a pluralistic Jewish space in Buenos Aires”
2011 Hermann Hudde “The Untold Story about Latin American Music Composers at Tanglewood”
2011 Donald Slater “Return to the Heart of the Turtle: Final Lab Analysis of Material Recovered by the Central Yucatan Archaeological Cave Project 2009-2011”


Joshua Basseches '12 "'Activist' Identities:  Inclusive or Exclusive?"
2011 MaryCate Brower (Anthropology)  "Capoeira, Gender, and Community Empowerment:  A Pilot Study"
2011 Danielle Fuller (Heller School for Social Policy and Management) "Why the Community-Based Model of Health Care has been Successful at Improving Health Outcomes in Haiti"
2011 Christopher Jenkins (Heller School for Social Policy and Management)  "Conflict Sensitive Approach to Solar Energy Projects in Haiti"
2011 Katharine Lukach (Anthropology) "Uni-Cansahcab Regional Irrigation Project"
2011 Samantha Pietruszewski (Anthropology)

"Caves and Excavations: Gaining Valuable Archaeological Field Experience with the Central Yucatan Archaeological Cave Project"


Jonathan Turbin (Anthropology)

"Memories of Busssa's Rebellion"


Mrinalini Tankha (Anthropology)

"Cubanos Convertibles:  Meaning of Multiple Currencies in Cuba"


Celeste Radosevich (Cultural Production)

"Bailando a lo Cusqueno:  Performing Latinidad and Andeanness Through Dance"


Ieva Jusionyte (Anthropology) "Writing on the Margins of the State:  News Production in an Argentinean Border Town"


Chiara Bercu '11

"The Efffects of Globalization on Posada Rituals in Buanajunto, Mexico"


Carlos Martinez-Ruiz (Anthropology)

"Barrio Adentro:  Activist State and New Citizenship in Venezuela"
2010 Bryce Davenport (Anthropology) "Mapping the Underworld:  GIS Applications in the Central Yucatan Cave Project"
2010 Anya Bergman '10 "It's Nice to Be Different Than the Rest: The Perspective of 'Visuals,' a Chilean Urban Youth Group, on Identity in a Globalizing World"
2010 Edward Crowley '10 "Alternative Media on the Streets of Cochabama, Bolivia"
2010 Simona Lang '10 "No es tan simple pero no es tan complicada: Dramatic Interventions in Sexual Health Education in Chile"
2009 Lisa Fitzgerald '10 "Breaking Free, Together: Facilitating Cooperation Among Victims of Domestic Abuse in Quito, Ecuador"
2009 Mariel Gruszko '10 "Mediating Discourses of Indigeneity: Indigenous Media in Guatemala and the Fight for Legalization"
2009 Ieva Jusionyte '07 (Anthropology) "Writing on the Margins of the State: How Representations of Violence Are Negotiated in an Argentinean Border Town"
2009 Sandhya Narayanan '10 "Linguistic Practices in Quechua-Speaking Communities"
2009 Donald Slater  (Anthropology) "The Development of the Central Yucatan Archaeological Cave Project"
2009 Yonit Bousany '09 "Ethnomathematics and Curriculum Development in Rural Peru"
2009 Brooke Rosenbauer '09 "From the Streets to the Field: The Use of Soccer in Female Empowerment and Employment, Quito, Ecuador"
2008 Anna Pancheshnikov '10 "Access to Information, Education, Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS Among Pregnant Women in San Juan, Puerto Rico"
2008 Brandeis Hillel "Pasando por la Puerta: Hillel's Alternative Spring Break in Honduras"
2008 The Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children "Heal the World: A Journey Into the Health of Alajuelita, Costa Rica"
2008 Katie Kelly-Hankin '08 and Hannah Ramer '08 "Visions for the Future: New Strategies of the Anti-Mining Movement in the Community of Junin, Ecuador"
2008 Rachel Kleinbaum '08 "The Guatemalan Labor Movement"
2008 Gleisson Araujo (SID) "The Decision-Making Process in Agrarian Reform Settlements in the Brazilian Semi-Arid Region"
2007 Pesha Black '07 "Growing in the Spirit: Framing the Pentecostal Increase in Managua, Nicaragua"
2007 Elizabeth Cosser '07 "Caught in the Storm: How Multinational Corporations Responded and Adapted During the 2001-02 Argentine Peso Crisis"
2007 Noah Foster '07 "Researching the Xalala Dam Project in Guatemala"
2007 Kendra Harrison '07 "Transnational Dominican-American Identities: Interpretations From 'Home'"
2007 Logan Jergen '07 "Gender, Sexuality and Religion in Addressing HIV/AIDS in Port-au-Prince, Haiti"
2007 Melanie Kingsley (Anthropology) "In Search of Nito: Preliminary Survey of Southeastern Guatemala"
2007 Betsy Marzahn-Ramos  (Anthropology) "Style, Affiliation and Regional Political Dynamics: Small, Classic Maya Sites in the Usumacinta River Region"
2007 Hannah Ramer '08 "Sustainable Agriculture in the Intag Region of Ecuador"
2007 Mrinalini Tankha (Anthropology) "Touring Money: Uses and Meanings of Currencies in 21st Century Cuba"
2007 Brady Wheatley '07 "Within and Without the System: Contemporary Social and Political Movements of Bolivia"
2006 Brandeis Hillel "Rehabilitating Isla de Mendez After Hurricane Stan"
2006 Laura Cornejo Ruh (SID) "Comparison Between Women's Contribution to the Economy and Women's Advancement in the Industrial Sector: Costa Rica"
2006 Jacob Daniels '07 "Neoliberal Privatization, Dirigista Economics and the Spirit of Democracy: A "PP&E" Approach to Development in Bolivia"
2006 Logan Jerger '07 "Gender, Sexuality and Religion in Addressing HIV/AIDS in Port-au-Prince, Haiti"
2006 Arnaud Lambert (Anthropology) "Rereading the Olmec Presence in Southeastern Mesoamerica: The Las Victorias Rock Carvings, Chalchuapa, El Salvador, in Comparative Perspective"
2006 Brooke Linden '06 and Shayna Skelly '06 "The Music Diversity of Argentina: Mendocino Folklore and Buenos Aires Tango"
2006 Betsy Marzahn-Ramos (Anthropology) "Non-Elite Households in the Classic Period Maya Borderlands"
2006 Jane Oslin (SID) "Assessing the Impact of a Women's-Rights Campaign in El Salvador"
2006 Neena Pathak '08 "Zapatismo, International Solidarity and the Ethics of Travel Activism"
2006 Naomi Schiesel (Anthropology) "The Female Experience of Urban Poverty: Preliminary Research Into Latino Adolescent Pregnancy and Mothering in the Fruitvale Community of Oakland, California"
2006 Allison Sherrill (Anthropology) "Assessing the Impact of a Women's Rights Campaign in El Salvador"
2006 Loretta Stein '06 "Investigating Children's Health Issues in the Nicaraguan Refugee Communities of La Carpio, and Puente los Anonos, Costa Rica: Que debemos hacer ahora?"
2006 Erica Weston '08 "An Exploration of Public Health, Poverty and Nutrition: Amaranth and Empowering Women in Oaxaca, Mexico"
2005 Jefferson Arak '07 "Voice Through Film: A Visual Study of the Chiapas Media Project and Its Influence in Chiapas and Guerrero"
2005 Juliana Barrera '06 "Landscape Modification and Site Dynamics at Medicinal Trail, Orange Walk District, Belize"
2005 Robert Marx '06 "Gendered Liminality in Buenos Aires: Transvestites' Internalization of Gender Roles"
2005 Mariana Caram (SID) "Measuring the Impact of Solar Ovens on Household Welfare in Argentina"
2005 Brandeis Hillel "Alternative Spring Break Trip to Honduras"
2005 Betina Freidin (Sociology) "Hybridizing Eastern Medical Knowledge in Latin America: The Case of Acupuncture in Argentina"
2005 Eric Michael Kelley (Anthropology) "Shamanic Music and Language Among the Ava-Guarani of Eastern Paraguay"
2005 Adam Mendelsohn (NEJS) "To the 'Extreme Side of the Habitable Globe': Investigating the Role of Caribbean Jewry in the Emergence of the English-Language Diaspora"
2005 Yanina Seltzer '05 "The Politics of National Identity and Race in Costa Rica: Challenges Presented by Early 20th Century Caribbean and Current Nicaraguan, Colombian and Argentine Immigration"
2005 Troy Trejo '06 "Investigating Children's Health Issues in the Nicaraguan Refugee Communities of La Carpio, and Puente los Anonos, Costa Rica: Que debemos hacer ahora? (What Should We Do Now?)"
2004 Jocelyn Knowles '06 "Conservation of the Inscriptions in the Ndaxagua Cave, Tepelmeme de Morelos, Oaxaca, Mexico"
2004 Evan Paster '04 "Responding to the Coffee Crisis: Costa Rican Efforts Towards Sustainable Agriculture"
2004 Bekka Saks '06 "Aesthetic Traditions of Pre-Hispanic Mexico: An Exploration of the Nuine Inscriptions in the Ndaxagua Cave, Tepelmeme, Oaxaca"
2004 Whitney Stern '04 "The Impact of Women's Rural and Indigenous Movement in Chile: An Examination of Gender, Race and Identity Formation in a Social Movement"
2004 Jeffrey Tornheim '04 "Intercultural Medicine in Southern Chile: Biomedical and Mapuche Practice at Hospital Maquehue"
2004 SID Alternative Development Field Studies Committee "Sustainable Development in Cuba"
2004 Brandeis Hillel "Working with the Maria Luisa Ortiz Cooperative in Nicaragua"
2003 Deana Becker (SID) "The Role of Community-Based Monitoring in Conjunction with Women's Capacity Building in the Drive to Global Corporate Responsibility"
2003 Toby Bloom (SID) "Strengthening Environmental Conservation and Economic Development in Latin America Through Community-Based Ecotourism"
2003 Izaskun Gaviria (SID) "A Research on the Mechanisms Put in Practice in Cuba to Prevent and Mitigate the Effects of Natural Disasters"
2003 Laurence Alex Green '04 "Etlatongo Research Project 2003: Intrasite Lithic Analysis at Etlatongo"
2003 Nalbert Tero '04 "Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Ceramic Artifact Styles at Etlatongo, Mexico"
2003 Sara Withers (Anthropology) "The Negotiation of Gendered Roles Within Dual-Career Families: A Comparative Study in Oaxaca, Mexico"
2003 Brandeis Hillel "From Pupusas to Pick-Axes: El Salvador Comes to Brandeis"
2002 Ryan Arp (Anthropology) "Ceramic Trait Correlations in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca, Mexico"
2002 Peter Coleman (SID) "The Need and Perception of Electricity in Isolated Miskitu Populations on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua"
2002 Jessica Hedgepeth '03 "Pottery Production at Etlatongo, Mexico: Material Manifestations of Social Organization"
2002 Brandeis Hillel "An Alternative February Break: Brandeis Hillel Students in El Salvador"
2002 Naomi Lambertson (SID) "A Comparative Analysis of Amazon Basin Indigenous Organizational Approaches to Effecting Change in Extractive Industry Policies"
2001 Eric Michael Kelley (Anthropology) "Searching for Shamans in Lowland South America"
2001 Fatima Naqvi (SID) "The Role of Community Participation in the Conservation of Biological Diversity: An Empirical Test Among Maya Communities of Belize"
2001 Anastasia Norton (Sociology) "A Deep Exploration of Globalization Among the Saramaccan Maroons of Suriname"
2000 Greg Foley '00 "Intercolony Behavioral Differences in 'Paraponera Clavata' (Giant Tropical Hunting Ants or Bullet Ants) in Costa Rica"
2000 Silvia Grigolini (Anthropology) "Remittances and International Migration in Oaxaca, Mexico"
2000 Rebecca Pearl (SID) "The Economic and Social Rights of Women in the Andean Region"
1999 Sharen Bidaisee '99 "Making Art in Trinidad and Tobago"
1999 Katerina Ailova (Anthropology) "The Power of Tradition: Festival and Religious Imagery in Oaxaca, Mexico"
1999 Homero Castanier (SID) "Economic Values of Ecosystems Services: The Case of Punta de Manabique, Guatemala"
1998 Gabrielle Dickerman '99 "The Jews of Honduras: Tradition Within Assimilation"
1998 Yasmin Howes '99 "The Impact of the 1995 Volcanic Eruption on Montserrat"
1998 Andrew Levine '98 "The Death Squad Phenomenon: An Analysis of Brazilian Extralegal Violence"
1997 Damian Payiatakis '99 "Argentine Opinions on International Investment as a Key to Stable Growth"
1997 Amy Todd (Anthropology) "Regulation of Marketplaces in Oaxaca, Mexico'"
1997 Peter Wogan (Anthropology) "Nationalism, Historical Consciousness and Uses of Literacy in Highland Ecuador"
1996 Odessa Deffenbaugh '96 "The Popular Education Program in Morazan, El Salvador"
1996 Holly Snyder (American History) "The Jewish Community of Colonial Jamaica"
1995 Jeffrey E. Michels (JPLS) "Contemporary Jewish Argentine Views of Jewishness and Nationalism"
1995 Jabes Rojas '98 and Joseph Schick '97 "Health Promoters in San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala"
1994 Janina Fenigsen (Anthropology) "Plantation Talk: The Ideology and Practice of Language Use in a Barbadian Plantation"