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james pustejovsky

James Pustejovsky
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Professor and Chair
Volen 258
(781) 736-2709

Theoretical and computational linguistics; artificial intelligence and machine learning; corpus linguistics and annotation; lexical semantics; temporal and spatial reasoning.

lotus goldberg

Lotus Goldberg
Ph.D., McGill University
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Advising Head,
CL MA Advising Chair
Volen 252
(781) 736-3265

Theoretical syntax and the syntax-semantics interface; ellipsis and null anaphora; morphosyntax; structure of Modern Hebrew and other Semitic languages; corpus linguistics.

sophia malamud

Sophia Malamud
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
Associate Professor
Volen 215
(781) 736-2225

Formal semantics and pragmatics; corpus linguistics; speech acts; game and decision theory; reference and information structure; modality; impersonals and passives; heritage language acquisition.

marie meteer

Marie Meteer
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Associate Professor of the Practice of Computer Science and Industry Liaison
Volen 139
(781) 736-2712

Computational linguistics; natural language processing; speech recognition.

keith plaster

Keith Plaster
J.D., Georgetown University
M.A., Harvard University
Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University
Volen 124
(781) 736-2726

Phonological theory, historical linguistics, morphology, heritage linguistics.

nianwen xue

Nianwen Bert Xue
Ph.D., University of Delaware
Associate Professor
Volen 253
(781) 736-2728

Computational linguistics; Chinese language processing; Semantic role labeling; machine translation and linguistic annotation, including Chinese Treebank, Chinese Proposition Bank, OntoNotes.

Additional Faculty

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ben wellner

Ben Wellner
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Volen 256
(781) 736-2726

Machine learning, computational linguistics, statistical natural language processing.

peter anick

Peter Anick
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Volen 256
(781) 736-2726

Information retrieval, information extraction, natural language processing, medical informatics.

mark Verhagen

Marc Verhagen
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Senior Research Scientist
Volen 216
(781) 736-2745

Computational linguistics; corpus annotation and machine learning; temporal relation identification.