Five-Year Bachelor's/MS Program

The Five-Year Bachelor’s/MS Program in Computational Linguistics allows Brandeis Bachelor’s students to complete the first-year coursework of the two-year Computational Linguistics MS degree during their undergraduate studies, typically as majors or minors in one or both of Linguistics and Computer Science.

The fifth year, after the student has graduated with a Bachelor’s and is enrolled as an MS student, then consists of coursework that mirrors the second-year curriculum of the two-year Computational Linguistics MS. This includes at least four advanced computational linguistics courses and at least 6 total courses.  These 6 courses include the required COSI 231a Advanced Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Processing (formerly COSI 134a Statistical Approaches to Natural Language Processing) and COSI 232b Information Extraction (formerly COSI 137b), and either an internship in computational linguistics, capstone project, or a master’s thesis as the student’s “exit requirement”.

The minimum residence requirement is one year, i.e., two semesters of full-time enrollment, beyond the Bachelor’s degree.

  • If you are interested in applying to the Bachelor’s/MS program in computational linguistics, we encourage you to contact the Director of Graduate Studies for the Computational Linguistics MS program to discuss the program and recommendations for how to prepare to apply to the program.
  • To apply to the Bachelor’s/MS program in computational linguistics, please visit the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.

  • For detailed program information, please review our student handbook and the section of the Computer Science page of the Bulletin that relates to the Bachelors/MS program in Computational Linguistics.

Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

Please visit the Cost of Attendance Calculator for details on the cost of our master’s program. Computational Linguistics applicants are considered for merit-based scholarships at the time of their admission. This aid comes in the form of a partial tuition scholarship, which most of our students receive and retain for their second year of study. No additional application is required in order to be considered for these scholarships. Research or teaching assistantships may also be available.