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New Book by Professor Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria

The Slow BoilWe are excited to announce the publication of a new book by Professor Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria, The Slow Boil: Street Food, Rights, and Public Space in Mumbai. The book will be available in May 2016 from Stanford University Press.

From the publisher's website:

Street food vendors are both a symbol and a scourge of Mumbai: cheap roadside snacks are enjoyed by all, but the people who make them dance on a razor's edge of legality. While neighborhood associations want the vendors off cluttered sidewalks, many Mumbaikers appreciate the convenient bargains they offer. In The Slow Boil, Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria draws on his long-term fieldwork with these vendors to make sense of the paradoxes within the city and, thus, to create a better understanding of urban space in general.

Much urban studies literature paints street vendors either as oppressed and marginalized victims or as inventive premoderns. In contrast, Anjaria acknowledges that diverse political, economic, historic, and symbolic processes create contradictions in the vendors' everday lives, like their illegality and proximity to the state, and their insecurity and permanence. Mumbai's disorderly sidewalks reflect the simmering tensions over livelihood, democracy, and rights that are central to the city but have long been overlooked. In The Slow Boil, these issues are not subsumed into a larger framework, but are explored on their own terms.

Senior Faculty Research Leave Award 2016-17

Congratulations to GRALL/SAS faculty member Harleen Singh, one of the recipients of the 2016-17 Senior Faculty Research Leaves! These competitive awards provide Arts & Sciences faculty with a non-teaching semester and research funds to allow them to focus on a scholarly or creative project.

Professor Singh received the award for her proposed project, Half an Independence: Women, Violence, and Modern Lives in India.

Professor Harleen Singh on BBC Radio

Professor Harleen Singh, chair of the South Asian Studies Program, participated in BBC Radio's podcast "Lakshmibai, Rani of Jhansi: Badass Queen" on Wednesday, June 10. Listen to the podcast on the BBC website.

SAS Faculty Receive Innovations in Research Grants

Congratulations to SAS faculty members Harleen Singh and Nidhiya Menon, two recipients of the inaugural Innovations in Research Grants!

Harleen Singh, Innovations in Research Grant
Half an Independence: Women, Violence, and Modern Lives in India

Nidhiya Menon, Innovations in Research Grant
The Impact of Minimum Wages on Child Labor: Evidence from India