Title IX Officers

If you have a complaint involving sexual violence, sex discrimination or sexual harassment, or if you have questions about Brandeis’ policies or procedures in these areas, please contact one of the people listed below.

For other resources, please review our list of confidential counselors.

Anthony Sciaraffa
Interim Title IX Coordinator

As interim Title IX coordinator, Anthony is available to meet with students, staff, and faculty to receive and process complaints of bias, harassment, and discrimination related to any protected classes within our non-discrimination and harassment policy. Engaging the process with Anthony is completely confidential. This means that the information he is given during intake is strictly kept within the investigatory process. Though the process is confidential, it is important to note that he may need to take quick corrective action where delay could result in significant harm to the complainant or members of the Brandeis community.

Paula Slowe
Paula Slowe
Title IX Case Manager

The Title IX Case Manager meets with students involved in reports of sexual misconduct as a neutral first point of contact. The role of the Case Manager is to review students' rights and resources under Title IX, explain their investigation and adjudication options and to serve as a primary resource throughout the investigation process.