Additional Resources

Recommended Off-Campus Resources

MEDA Multiservice Eating Disorders Association  resources and support groups for college students   

National Eating Disorders Association  resources for students, family members and friends    


Eating Concerns

All of us, at one time or another, are unhappy with our eating behavior and it's not uncommon for college students to engage in unhealthy eating practices. However, when these practices begin to escalate and are impacting negatively on a person's life and well being, it's time to take action.

There are resources on campus for students with eating concerns:

  • Consultation with a counselor at at the Psychological Counseling Center   Call (781)736-3730 to request an appointment.  
  • Consultation by appointment with Carolyn Butterworth, MS,RN, RD,CNSD for 1:1 confidential nutritional counseling.  Call (781) 736-3677 or email                  
  • Kate Moran LDN, RD is in dining services and can assist with helping you eat well in the dining halls! or (781) 736-4397.
  •  The Dining Services web site is filled with menus nutrition tips and dining locations.