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Enroll in the summer SHP


June 1st  for Summer 2014 enrollments (SHP Coverage June 1,2014-August 14, 2014).

School Insurance Plan (SHP)

The state of Massachusetts  require that full- and three-quarter-time students  report their health insurance coverage to the University each year. Information on this process will be posted soon and will be included in the enrollment packets sent to new and reenrolling students.

The State requires all schools to offer a student health plan (SHP) to their 3/4 and full time students.   Information on this years SHP plan and the required on line sign ups will be posted as soon as it is available.

Waiving the SHP by reporting alternate comparable coverage:

It is the students responsibility to assure that their  insurance plan is comparable to the Brandeis SHP plan and meets the following requirements. Please review these requirements with your insurance broker ir agent to assure you have adequate coverage while at school.  You may need to purchase a rider, additional coverage, or the SHP.  It is important for you to consider that plans with high deductibles and co insurances place you at risk for incurring significant out of pocket expenses  well beyond the cost of the SHP.

Health Plan Requirements include:

  1. The policy must be purchased through a U.S. based carrier company or U.S. based subsidiary.  Foreign insurance plans (including Embassy-sponsored plans) cannot be reported per MA regulations.
  2. Plans must provide comprehensive coverage including preventive and primary care ambulatory services, emergency services, hospitalization, and maternity and newborn care  benefits. These services must be accessible to the student in the area where the student attends school at reasonable costs. 
  3. Out of state Medicaid programs and MA limited plans such as Mass Health Limited, Essential or Basic, Health Safety Net, or Commonwealth Care (>19 yoa) plans cannot be reported per MA regulations.
  4. The policy cannot impose annual limits on the dollar amount of individual coverage  or impose exclusions for preexisting conditions.
  5. Mental health and substance abuse must be covered as any other illness or injury.  This means that both in-patient and out-patient treatment must be covered and available in the area you are attending school.
  6. Injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of alcohol, illegal drugs or self harm must be covered as any other illness or injury.
  7. Prescription drug coverage must be subsidized with coverage in the area you are attending school.
  8. Please review your coverage for in and out of network providers, deductibles, coinsurance, and copay expenses against the cost of SHP.

Massachusetts requires the University to enroll all students who do not have adequate comparable insurance to be enrolled in the Brandeis SHP. If you have financial barriers to purchasing the necessary health insurance please contact Student Financial Services.