2014-2015 SHP COVERAGE BEGINS AUGUST 15, 2014.

Questions regarding coverage and annual insurance  reporting?

Call University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448

or email info@univhealthplans.com

For questions regarding the 2013-2014 insurance year please call:

1-800-457-5599 or 617-769-6440

School Insurance Plan (SHP)

All full and 3/4 time students  must enroll in the qualifying School Health Plan (SHP) or waive the plan and report their own comparable health insurance coverage each year by Massachusetts regulations. . The intention is that students have adequate coverage in the area the are attending school.

       ***Enroll in the SHP or report your insurance here:****   Brandeis School Health Insurance Plan (SHP) coverage, costs, and required enrollment/waiver forms

For questions about insurance enrollment, waiver, coverage, eligibility etc. please call 1-800-437-6448 or email info@univhealthplans.com

It is the students responsibility to assure that their  insurance plan is comparable to the Brandeis SHP plan and meets state and federal regulations. To assist with this the Health Center and its Student Health Advisory Committee (2013-2014) have developed a worksheet to help with comparisons.  Please review these requirements with your insurance broker or agent to assure you have adequate coverage in the area you are attending school.  You may need to purchase a rider, additional coverage, or the SHP.  It is important for you to consider that plans with high deductibles and co insurances place you at risk for incurring significant out of pocket expenses  well beyond the cost of the SHP.

Health Coverage Worksheet

For more information on Massachusetts health insurance options see:


and http://littleblackbookhealth.org

If you have questions regarding your bill please contact Student Financial Services at 1-781-736-3700.

For questions regarding your insurance coverage, claims, and annual reporting please call University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448 or email info@univhealthplans.com