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Culture X

What is Culture X?

Culture X is a major Brandeis production that seeks to celebrate the diversity that exists within the Brandeis community. Each year, individuals are given the opportunity to express themselves on stage through dance, music, poetry and other forms of expression, which makes Culture X one of the most powerful shows on campus. As part of the Intercultural Center, Culture X also seeks ways to unify the student body and effectively display the best the Brandeis community has to offer.

                   Culture X 2018:

“One Love: Between the Crossroads.” 

We have heard this word passed around by many, and it’s finally time we show what this word means to us. While we know how healing and secure love can feel, there is also an element of freedom in it. This part is satisfied with the latter half of the title “Between the Crossroads.” Everyone has their particular journey, and the love falls between a place where everyone’s roads meet. Hopefully with this year’s theme, we can achieve the humanity that love inspires combined with the individuality we should all come to admire.

Saturday, April 21, 2018
7pm (Doors open at 6pm)
Levin Ballroom, Usdan Student Center

Culture X Auditions

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February 12-15
ICC Multipurpose Room