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Volunteer for Culture X 2019-From Roots to Leaves - Grounded in Our Histories.


"The biggest Cultural Show of the Semester, Culture X is in it's 20th anniversary and is coming up soon! Want to get involved? Sign up to be a  Culture X Volunteer and get free admission AND a free t-shirt!!!" Sign up by Friday, March 8th.


Culture X is a major Brandeis production that seeks to celebrate the diversity that exists within the Brandeis community. Each year, individuals are given the opportunity to express themselves on stage through dance, music, poetry and other forms of expression, which makes Culture X one of the most powerful shows on campus. As part of the Intercultural Center, Culture X also seeks ways to unify the student body and effectively display the best the Brandeis community has to offer. This year we will be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Culture X.