Registration Overview

Open Enrollment

Admission to Brandeis Summer School rests on the assumption that each student knows best what he or she wants and can do. Enrollment is open to a wide cross-section of qualified persons, including students currently enrolled in colleges and universities as well as individuals not currently engaged in any formal educational program, but who hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Visiting Students from Other Colleges and Universities

Visiting students should check with their home institution (typically our Registrar's Office) regarding the transferability of Brandeis courses back to your school. To assist you in obtaining this permission, we have provided information on course levels and course numbering at Brandeis, as well as draft copies of our summer course syllabi.  One Brandeis semester course credit is equivalent to four units or four credit hours at other universities.

As degree regulations vary among schools, students taking a pass/fail course or one of the few Brandeis courses that are graded as "Credit/No Credit," you should obtain approval from your home institution prior to the summer session.

Since the Brandeis Summer School is an open admission program and relies on the assumption that each student knows best what he or she wants and can do, visiting students do not need to provide transcripts or proof that a course prerequisite has been satisfied.

After your Brandeis summer course has been completed, visiting students need to request an official transcript be sent to their home institution. Federal laws require that the student initiate all transcript requests. This can be done either online in SAGE (the Brandeis registration and records system) or via paper forms which are available through the Brandeis Registrar's Office.

High School Students

High school students who have completed their junior year may apply for admission to the Summer School. A student transcript sent to the Summer School and recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor are required.

Because Summer School housing cannot offer supervision to minors, Summer School is open only to High School students who reside locally or have made their own housing arrangements and will commute to campus for classes. 

Also, Financial Aid is not available for High School students.

International Students

International students who wish to enroll in the Summer School should be aware of three important factors.

  1. Brandeis is not able to issue I-20 forms for F-1 student visas as Summer School is not considered a full-time program. Students who already have an F-1 visa, and are attending another U.S. college, are welcome to submit an application. We can not assist you with obtaining a visa.
  2. Enrollment in college-level courses at Brandeis presumes English language proficiency at a level at least equivalent to a score of 600 on TOEFL examination.
  3. International students must submit the following Medical / Health Insurances forms:
    Health Insurance Selection/Reporting Form
    Meningococcal Waiver Form
    Health and Immunization Report
    Your records of immunization, as well as the method of immunization will be examined. Students who have not been immunized via the methods identified on the Immunization Record Form will be required to be re-immunized at your own expense. If you do not have health insurance coverage you will be required to purchase insurance to cover your summer session.

Online Registration and Course Enrollment

Online registration and course enrollment through SAGE is open to:

  • Brandeis students in good financial standing.
  • Visiting students from other college and universities.
  • Brandeis alumni and former Brandeis students.
  • Returning visitors and employees.
  • Adult learners.

High school students must use our online registration form. 

Links for Summer 2017 will be available in April 2017.

Summer School Enrollment Differences

Enrollment in Summer School is different from the academic year.

  • By registering for Summer School courses, you are making a financial commitment. Online enrollment presumes immediate payment online. If payment is not complete by the close of registration, May 27 for Session I and July 1 for Session II, you will be dropped from your classes.  If you need additional time or are seeking financial aid, please inform the Summer School office via email to
  • No tuition bill for your summer charges will be sent to your billing address. You are expected to review your Student Account in SAGE and make appropriate payment arrangements by the expressed deadline.

    Students whose payers have SAGE proxy log-ins will receive an automatically generated message that contains a different deadline for payment.  This message applies to a Fall Term and Spring Term, not to the Summer Term.   Please advise your proxies about the payment deadline.

    There are several methods of paying for summer charges which can be found below.
  • Enrollment in summer courses results in a nonrefundable, once-per-summer $50 registration fee. There is no "shopping period" for summer courses. Please submit your course selections only when you are certain you will be attending the Brandeis Summer School.

Summer School Courses and Your Brandeis Degree

Brandeis students may take 12 credit hours (three 4-credit courses OR two 4-credit courses and two 2-credit labs) in a single summer. Additionally, there is a limit of 8 credits in a single summer session.  So a student may take 8 credits in Session 1 and 4 credits in Session 2, or the reverse.  There is no limit to the number of Summer School courses students may use toward their degree.

Brandeis Summer School courses that are not part of a JBS also count as Resident Courses, however, Summer Term does not count as a Resident Semester.  Please refer to the University Bulletin for more information about graduation requirements.

If you are a transfer student, you should also refer to the University Bulletin for specific information regarding residency and transfer requirements.

Paying Summer Tuition and Fees

There are a number of ways to pay tuition and fees.

Online EFT (e-Check) or Credit Card payment
You may pay your summer charges online by clicking the "Make Payment through TMS Gateway" link in SAGE.  TMS stands for "Tuition Management Systems" and is the company Brandeis uses to process online payments.

You can use the TMS system to perform an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your U.S. checking or savings account. There is no charge for Electronic Fund Transfers through TMS.

You can use the TMS system to pay by credit card. Please note: TMS charges a 2.99% surcharge on credit card payments. This surcharge is not collected by Brandeis and is not refundable. Your student account payment will appear as "TMS Gateway" on your credit card statement.  

If you are new to Brandeis and TMS asks for your Sage ID Number, it is part of the logins you were sent to access Sage. You were sent a "W1234567" ID to login to Sage. Just replace the "W" with a "2" and you have your Sage ID. In our example the Sage ID Number would be "21234567".

If you have technical problems with the TMS site, please call TMS directly at 1-800-722-4867. Monthly payment plans are not available for summer.

Paper Check or Money Order
You may drop off a check or money order to either the Summer School Office or the Office of Student Financial Services in Usdan. Checks should be made payable to "Brandeis University." Be sure to include the name of the student in the memo field of the check. Do not send payments to University Lock Box, as there will be a delay.

Your check can also be mailed to: Student Financial Services - MS 027, Brandeis University, 415 South Street, Waltham MA 02453-2728. If mailing a check, please e-mail the Summer School office at with your name and SAGE ID number so we know your payment will be arriving shortly. 

Wire Transfer through Western Union Business Solutions
Brandeis University has contracted with Western Union Business Solutions, formerly Travelex PAY24-7, a specialist in global business payments to provide you with a simple and low cost method of paying fees to Brandeis in your own currency.  This payment option may offer significant savings compared to a traditional wire from your bank directly to Brandeis.  For instructions on paying by wire click Western Union. Please note there is often a delay in payment through this process. 

Brandeis Employees Receiving Tuition Remission
If you or a family member is eligible for tuition remission, please submit the Human Resources approval forms at your earliest convenience. Please inform the Summer School that you have submitted your forms by sending an e-mail to

Please note that the tuition remission benefit does not cover the $50 registration fee or any additional course fees (studio fees, art fees, lab fees, etc.). Employees and their family members are responsible for paying these fees.

Financial Aid and Student Loans

If you are a current Brandeis undergraduate and qualify for loans as confirmed by your specific financial aid advisor in Student Financial Services, a notation will be added to your financial record to prevent you from being dropped from your Summer courses before loan funds are received.

Brandeis students seeking loans for summer study through the Office of Student Financial Services must consult with your undergraduate advisor.

If your last name begins with A or are a IBS, GPS, or Heller student, your aid advisor is: Linna Tran
If your last name begins with B or are an undergraduate international student, your aid advisor is: Catherine Nelson
If your last name begins with C-G, your aid advisor is: Francine Davis
If your last name begins with H-Mn, your aid advisor is: Sharon Harrell
If your last name begins with Mo-S, your aid advisor is: Nicole Donohoe
If your last name begins with T-Z, your aid advisor is: Amy Herrboldt

Students from other colleges and universities who are taking summer courses at Brandeis should contact the financial aid office of their home institution to inquire about financial aid. If you are seeking financial aid, please inform the Brandeis Summer School office via e-mail to so we may preserve your enrollments.

Due to limited resources, financial aid is not available for high school students.

Summer Course Enrollment Deadlines

Summer School students enrolling in regular summer sessions should select courses and pay their total charges by May 27, 2016 for Session I and by July 1, 2016 for Session II through SAGE self service.

Students may make late course selections between May 28-June 7 for Session I, and between July 2-July 12 for Session II on a space available basis. You may be subject to an additional $50 late registration fee and will need to contact the Summer School Office via e-mail to to be enrolled.

Course Levels

Courses listed with numbers below 100 are primarily for undergraduate credit. These courses may be counted by a Brandeis degree candidate toward the bachelor's degree but not toward a graduate degree. Graduate students may elect to take these courses but only with the realization that no graduate credit is involved.

Courses listed with numbers 100 or above might carry both graduate and undergraduate credit. Graduate credit may be available to eligible students in specific courses numbered over 100. Each 100+ course description will designate whether it can or cannot be taken for graduate-level credit. Only instructors who have gone through the approval process, including identification of additional readings and assignments which candidates must satisfactorily complete in order to qualify for graduate-level credit, are permitted to offer graduate credit for their courses.

Brandeis graduate students must obtain advance approval in writing from the graduate program head in their department to receive credit toward the graduate degree for appropriately approved summer graduate-level courses and will be expected to pay all tuition and fees applicable in the Summer School. All other graduate students should check with their home institutions in advance should they wish to receive graduate-level credit for courses designated as bearing graduate credit in the Brandeis Summer School. Graduate students enrolled in such a course are required to complete all additional graduate assignments.


Brandeis Undergraduate students may use one of their four pass/fail options in a given summer. There is no pass/fail option for Brandeis Graduate students. The Pass/Fail option is chosen by filing the pass/fail form online between June 9-June 12 for Session I and July 14-July 17th for Session II.

Link for Session II classes coming July 14

Undergraduates opting to take courses on a pass/fail basis should first refer to "Pass/Fail Option" section of the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Bulletin for 2015-2016. The deadline to change a course from graded to pass/fail is June 12 for Session I and July 17 for Session II.

Auditing Courses

The Brandeis University Summer School presents courses for college credit. Auditing is not available for summer classes.

Repeating Courses

If a passing grade was received when the course was first taken, the Summer School grade appears with zero credits. This grade will not be included in the cumulative grade point average (GPA). If no credits were earned in the first attempt, the Summer School grade and credits appear and are used in GPA calculations. Grades received for courses repeated in the Summer School will not substitute for the grades originally earned.

Additional information about repeating courses and the impact on your student record (GPA, transcripts, etc.) can be found on the Registrar's Bulletin of Classes: