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College Courses for Commuting High School Students

Brandeis Summer School offers advanced high school students the opportunity to experience college courses on a commuting basis. High school students who have completed their Junior year of High School can test their readiness for college, explore subjects that are not available in high school, and earn college credit.

These courses are drawn from the regular Brandeis curriculum and the courses are often taught by the same instructors who teach them during the academic year. You'll be in small classes of approximately 10 students with undergraduates from Brandeis and other colleges and universities across the country.

We invite applications from students who anticipate receiving a high school diploma in 2017 or 2018. Unfortunately, we cannot accept international high school students.

High school students may take courses on a commuting basis only. Campus housing is not available for high school students taking Summer School college classes.

High school students who have completed their junior year may apply for admission to the Summer School. A student transcript sent to the Summer School and recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor are required.

Because Summer School housing cannot offer supervision to minors, Summer School is open only to High School students who reside locally or have made their own housing arrangements and will commute to campus for classes. 

Financial Aid is not available for High School students.

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