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Community Connections

community connections

Community Connections plans one-time volunteer events in the Greater Boston area, including hosting four days of service each year. This past year, one day of service was held in collaboration with ‘DEIS Impact to serve at the nonprofit owned by this year’s ‘DEIS Impact keynote speaker, Nadia Alawa. Community Connections also partners with Stanley and Plympton Elementary Schools to host two Family Nights. The Social Impact Fair is also organized by Community Connections, which is a career fair for Brandeis students interested in volunteering, interning, or working at local nonprofits.

Population Served: Varies 
Community Partners: Community Connections is always looking for new partnerships!
Transportation: Brandeis volunteers are transported by Waltham Group vans.

How to Participate: Organizations that would like Brandeis students to volunteer and Brandeis students who want to volunteer, e-mail the program coordinators at

Volunteer Time Commitment: We organize multiple events per semester, including mini days of service. Events usually last a few hours and may occur on any day of the week. Volunteers can participate in as many events as they wish (no regular commitment required). 

day of service

day of service