Past Alumni Spotlights: 

Juliet Barr and Vicki Corpian 

2017 Alumni Spotlight

Rebecca Bachman '13 

What were you involved with on campus as an undergrad? (e.g. major, Waltham Group program, other?)

I was a sociology and education studies double major with a minor in social justice social policy. I was a coordinator for Big Siblings and volunteered with Big Siblings, General Tutoring, Afternoon Enrichment, Hunger and Homelessness and Community Connections throughout my time on campus. As an Orientation Core Committee member I coordinated Volunteer Fest.  Kindness Day, The Student Union and serving on various university committees also shaped my Brandeis experience. I met some of my best friends through The Waltham Group.

Did anything in the Waltham Group impact your career trajectory? Values? Ethics? How else has the Waltham Group impacted you?

The Waltham Group experience tremendously impacted my career trajectory and has helped me get to where I am today. Being a Waltham Group coordinator and volunteer gave me several years of experience managing community partnerships and doing direct service. Through the Waltham Group, I frequently participated on committees to plan events like Kindness Day, Volunteer Appreciation Night and Celebration of Service. Those experiences helped me hone event-planning skills. I landed at an education nonprofit in the development department. I am the point person for 5-10 events a year raising over one million dollars annually. Although I am not on the ground working directly with our students, I still take any opportunity to go into our partner schools to volunteer.

What advice would you give to other WG students or alumni?

Students, step out of your comfort zone – volunteer for the program that you’ve always wanted to but were not sure about. Go on the volunteer vacation that you don’t think you have time for.

Alumni -- Waltham Group has been around for over 50 years, there are tons of amazing people to connect with. Use the Waltham Group network.

Looking back at your Brandeis experience as an alum, what do you wish you’d done?

I always wanted to go on a trip to volunteer, and still haven’t had the opportunity to do so. I wish I’d gone on a volunteer vacation while I was at Brandeis.